Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Now, that's a job!

Pursuant to our previous conversation regarding Jobs I don't consider suitable for a Yungerman, here's something we can all agree on; that Yoelly Vitriol won't have it easy in the Police Academy.

I'm not sure what the guy is thinking, but the road to graduation may be too tough to handle, even for a tough guy from Wiliamsburg. I understand that police cadets need to sleep in the dorm, so I wonder how that'll work out.

Here are some problems I thought may arise, both in academy and on the job:

1) will he sleep with his beard over or under the covers?
2) will he have Negel Vasser by his bed?
3) will he still use orange juice to keep his Peyos in order?
4) will he get a special dispensation to wear a SHORT police jacket?
5) will he be allowed to work the Israel Day Parade?
6) will he be allowed Dunkin' Donuts?
7) will he be allowed to go undercover?

and much much more. Your comments and hypotheticals are welcome.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Doesnt seem like there is too much of a beard as it is.