Sunday, July 30, 2006

What happened in Kfar Qana -----

----Or why Israel will lose this battle. THEY HAVE NO PR MACHINE!!!!

Look how Israeli TV reported this!
Watch it in Hebrew here

(How Israeli soldiers are represented, althoughly subliminally) IDF says it may not be responsible for Qana deaths. Why is this story not printed in every newspaper in the world?

(UK Guardian)

(Greek Newspapers)


Anonymous said...

War is only about killing; why international and Israeli outcry for a handful of young casualties?

In the Congo in black Africa 1,250 people are dying each day for years; half of them kids under 5 from warfare, starvation, and disease. Who cares?

Obviously no one. But a jew defends himself and the world goes bonkers...G-d set it up that way. The anecdote I guess is to kill more, show ruthlessness in the goal to be a dignified people, show no mercy, defend oneself until the enemy trembles. That is the normative path. I wonder when Israel will ever follow it.

Anonymous said...

There is a simple reason that there is no reporting from Congo: one has to kill the reporters before bombing anyone else.

Anonymous said...

friendly, although you have a point relative to a lot of countries, reporters in Congo are in fact reporting the story; i know about it, the newspapers know about it.....

Anonymous said...

check out