Sunday, November 15, 2009

Watch the Kinus Hashluchim banquet Live!

UPDATE Tuesday: Video player removed. It seems like some of the older browsers were having trouble loading the blog due to the video player here.



Anonymous said...

בין איך משוגע?
אלע ביידע האבען געהאט פראבלעמען צו זאגען פשוט עברי פונעם תהילים

does it say "mishpatey nafshoi"?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

די ערשטע איז א בעל תשובה
בע"ת האבן בד"כ פראבלעמן מיט די קמץ און פתח

די צווייטע ווייס איך נישט, מסתמא איז ער געווען נערוועז

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

איך האף אזוי

Anonymous said...

mamesh simchis toyreh in de vochin!

Anonymous said...

You should all take a lesson from what Lipa Schmeltzer said!

Anonymous said...

Indeed a nice event, showcasing real accomplishments.

But it saddened me that Sholom Mordechai ben Rivkah, the man that gave every shliach free meat before yomim tovim, only merited a quick muttered shout out before bentching.


sruli said...

The pr genius media manipulating chabadskers manage to feature every single handsome, twinkly eyes shliach with his admiring coterie of followers and left out the sad, droopy eyed majority who went out there forty years ago with temimus and have watched their 'territory' carved up by young shluchim with cooler glasses and ties.

The manipulators love chabadskers that are good for pr, like the holtzbergs Hy'd, but are embarrassed of the ones that aren't good for fund raising, like sholom rubashkin.

sorry sholom, tonight was not your night. while you were eating cold chicken soup, they were eating stuffed chicken and forgetting your exist.

brothers, my - !

Yidel said...

The not-tznius in Lubavitch is very sad. In video of the Holzbergs הי"ד when Gavriel was being interviewed his wife was in the background with her elbows uncovered.
I don't ch"v mean to belittle the Hotzbergs, but the whole state of tznius in Lubavitch needs to be addressed.

anon3 said...

As the old adage goes "Dos vos men zucht gefint men.Az men zucht guts gefint men guts. Az men zucht shlechts........

Berry said...

Sometimes Lubavitch outdo themselves.Not the kinnus.
"Upcoming Holidays
Kislev 1 - November 18, 2009, The Rebbe recovers from illness.
Kislev 9 - November 26, 2009, Birthday and Passing of Rabbi DovBer of Lubavitch.
Kislev 10 - November 27, 2009, Liberation of Rabbi DovBer of Lubavitch.
Look how Chanuka is almost an afterthought in the list!
Quite strange,don't you think?
Kislev 14 - December 1, 2009, Marriage of Rebbe and Rebbetzin.
Kislev 19-20 - December 6-7, 2009, The "Rosh Hashanah of Chassidism" - Liberation of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi; Passing of Rabbi DovBer of Mezritch.
Sunset of December 11 through December 19: Chanukah.
Tevet 5 - December 22, 2009, Sefarim Victory. "

This was copied from a Merkaz backed Chabad House found on
Chech the following link if you don't believe me
So look at all these "yomim tovim" the have!The only one familar to most frum Jews is Chanuka!
Is this list what you would want to teach a Jew just becoming interested in Yiddishkait?
(the only one besides chanuka would maybe be yat kislev)

Berry said...

You still up?

berry said...

so ,what did u think about the kinnus?

Mottel said...

-Yiddel: I hope you enjoy the hell you burn in! Perhaps you should look at picture of the alte yiddenes in yad v'shem and critique them as well.

-Berry: Bistu Kluger fun R'Chaim? Your kashe is an alter kashe, you are just a farbissine misnaged with little interest in the truth!

-Tzig: Nice that you screened it - but chotsh you could have put up a link to the stream we had on with a live twitter feed!

Isaac Balbin said...

Yidel, you need to go to her kever and ask Mechila. One thing I can assure you, she will forgive you.

I saw her many many times, in the FARSHTINKENER heat of Bombay, and I can tell you she was always, but always, tzniusdik in the extreme. ואין כאן המקום והזמן להאריך

You focus on some elbows that you saw in a video.

Feh. I don't want to curse you.

Anonymous said...

The only thing one can say about this kinus is that last week beis moshiach published a official document that it has a print run of over 12000 magazines a week now each beis mosiach costs 5 dollars a shtig which totals 60,000 dollars a week the magazine is published 45 times a year which totals nearly 3 big ones so one wonders why the kefar chabad newspaper is in the EARD

Friendly Anonymous said...

Has Yudi Shemtov finished his speach yet? I seem to have fallen asleep after half an hour of uninspired rewarmed propaganda

Anonymous said...

Alles is gut and fien with your sarcasm, but have you ever heard that the same Torah that gave us Hilchas Chanuka, gave us the Halacha of Yom Tov Beyom Shenasa Nes Leraboi.

Anonymous said...

I think that answering for Yudel is in the sense what the Alte Rebbe writes in Tanya "Kol Hamisabek Im Menuvel Misnavel Imoi"

Anonymous said...

you are enough Rosho Vegas Ruach to have worked in the Blood libel era,
if you followed the Kinus you could of seen the standing ovation that Kotlarsky gave for the Shluchim of the 1940's, and they are always in the front of the big pictures, go back to your cave and rehash some new hate talk.

sruli said...


Maybe I am a rasha vegass ruach but that has no connection to this conversation.

The old shluchim dont know what his them, they are surrounded by quicker, smoother, better dressed kids who do things differently and have sleek new centers where they get rich Russians stones. The old guys are left scratching their head and looking for someone to read the 12 pesukim.

chaim said...

"Feh. I don't want to curse you."

Isaac Balbin,
We've had run ins before .Your quote here proves again what is irksome with you.Some guy said something, you as someone who knew them well chooses to explain.No problem.Now why the hell and damnation(whats with the foul language too?)?The guy who said it is half your age and with less than half your academic pedigree probably.So Mottel also said it.He is also half your age and academic pedigree.
One can be a professor one can learn one can even profess to be a non Lubavitcher and still be immature.On that I say ,feh!

Isaac Balbin said...

Chaim, thank you for your attention.
אל תדין את חברך עד שתגיע למקומו

1. I specifically chose not to curse "Yidel" but let him know that what he said was grossly unacceptable.

2. I have no idea who "Yidel" is. Some obviously do. I see he is allegedly "Shem Tov". I have no idea who that might be. I have heard that Shem Tovs are not Meshichisten. That's about all I know.

3. Foul language? Please quote it.

4. My outrage at his besmirching of Rivka hy"d results in you concluding my comments are "immature". I am trying to discover the logic behind that assertion.

Have a nice day.

PS. On the matter of you questioning my leaning, my son's friends are convinced I am a "misnaged".

Anonymous said...

Such confusion. Yidel Shemtov?
ZRead it.

Which big Litvishe Gadol was it R. OZer who said at least they add in holidays while we waste away.'

Besides the Satmars celebrate their Rebbe getting free as well.
Just because they had fewer Rebbes in jail, nebach.

Besides we are talking Chanuka.... the Zionists after all according to Reb Yoelish.

shelo asani chareidi said...

Don't knock the lubavitcher yomim tovim/peyger teg (yoma d'parga). I keep all of them. Why not drink and sing a nice niggun if you enjoy that kind of thing.

As for the kinnus, a lot of these people live in the middle of nowhere. Let them all get together once a year and see old friends, what's so bad?