Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jewish Week quotes the Tzig - aka Tzig speaks for Orthodox Blogs

See Here

"On the blogosphere, many fervently Orthodox Jews were rallying to Rubashkin’s defense — and criticizing Jewish organizations for not doing more to help him. Herschel Tzig, a blogger who describes his “Circus Tent” site’s purpose as providing “a counter opinion to the Chabad bashing that is so prevalent in the blogosphere,” posted a critique of the Orthodox Union for not coming to Rubashkin’s aid, although he did not state what the organizations should have done.
“The idea that bank fraud can put a man away for possibly the rest of his life while mass murders (their spelling mistake - not mine) — think 9/11 detainees — may walk free and have Government appointed lawyers and advocacy groups, speaks volumes about the situation in these United States today,” he wrote, adding “WHERE WAS THE ORTHODOX UNION IN ALL OF THIS? WHY WERE THEY NOWHERE TO BE FOUND? Why was it OK for them to profit from Rubashkin all this time, despite pressure from the [Modern Orthodox]/Conservadox community to remove the Hekhsher — yet not have one nice word to say about him when he needed it most?!”

Notes to Ms. Weiner:

1) I DID mention what they could've done. I asked that they come and testify on his behalf, just like the KAJ did. That isn't too much to ask, now is it? Mass murderers have character witnesses come and testify on their behalf, so why not Sholom?

2) My name is Hirshel, not Herschel.

It's times like these that you realize that reporters are not just human beings who make mistakes, but the air of professionalism that they purport to sport is a bunch of hooey, and that their stories are peppered with personal opinions masquerading as news and fact


NonymousG said...

I'll only know I've made it when someone quotes me my blog! :)

shelo asani chareidi said...

Downfall of the print media. They're quoting you of all people.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

these are your peeps, shelo asani, so talk to them. I never had to call them and offer my services like some of the other rabid Rubashkin haters.

They see me as an Orthodox voice, I guess. Maybe you can enlighten them.

snag said...

"My name is Hirshel, not Herschel."

Efser zi iz fun Galitzianer/Peyliser opstam.

Cf. licht/lecht bentsen, Michel/Mechel.

Ober yaser keyach aych far ayszogen - thanks for the correction.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


please. just say it like I say it is.

Litvish or Galicianer not withstanding.

ShaChar said...

I hate people who have such a high opinion of themselves that if you misspell their name even it's ek velt.
Your post about the OU was dumb,btw.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

thank you, ShaChar. Your opinion means the WORLD to me.

ShaChar said...

You just proved what an arrogant *%s you are.
The OU tried to save the Rubashins from themselves long ago after the PETA video came out.But it's tough trying to help when your "competition" is Igrot Kodesh,Rebbe pics and Shea Hecht.Sorry for just telling you the truth to your face.
Hey,btw, nice of you Chabadnikim to get all other Jews in a mess by claiming that "there is no justice for Jews in America" (that's why there are 6 million of us here,right? That's why there is "large" movement of Jews going back to the cradle of "justice" in Eastern Europe,eh?)
You are such a clueless little Boro Park Ghetto yingel.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

lemme guess, ShaChar, you work for the OU?

ShaChar said...

Hirshel or whatever the correct spelling is,I come to your blog to get a kick out of reading the chareidi/black hat gossip and primitive nonsense.I especially love reading about the pernicious Chabad group, those loud in your face (or up your rear- end-if-you-have-money )rebbe worshipers .So radical about everything, their deceased leader, Israeli politics, OU dairy.(till you read about what is happening under the radar..)
I don't work.I collect benefits from Uncle Sam! (same uncle that is soooo anti-semitic yet funds all you shirkers)
Keep up your blog I'm a big fan and I check it out every day.I may even start commenting more often...

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

I'm happy I can bring joy to the distorted face of even a Jew of questionable pedigree such as your sorry self.

It's called living by the letter of the law, not looking for ways out. You should try it some day, it may just give some meaning to your otherwise uninspired life.

ShaChar said...

I disagree my dear friend Hirshel (correct sp?)it's called being cultist (the rebbe shlit'a:Letter of the law?Ha!)
Not working,working off the books getting fraudulent lines of credit:Called schnorer or gonif.

Continue with your blog,I forgot to mention that one of the things I most enjoy is your self righteous ego trip.
You and DovBear on my most favorite list.Because of you I really get what DovBear .

haha said...

Ala ha'Shachar!
That man just took you to school Tzig!
Ouch, very ouch baby!
In a few short posts he has blown your entire cult to bits... I'm sure it's hard to swallow after you've spent most of your life trying to just fit in with them.
Fact is, that Rubashkin and Chabad would be a lot better off if they accepted a helping hand from time to time. I know that the rest of us don't run around saying yechi and make driving to Queens our weekly priority, but we may still be able to help you guys....

Duvy said...

A while ago someone gave a link to a blog by an Israeli guy,Tomer Persico a researcher of religion.
Anyway, you read it and I'm noyt sure what you thought about it.
Today Vosizneias posted a synopsis of it here :

Any thoughts?

Pinny said...

ס'איז גארנישט אזוי פשוט
איך האב גארנישט מיט נחום ר"ב
מ'טאר אבער נישט זיין קיין שוטה בהמה וואס גלייבט אלעס וואס מ'פיטערט אין מויל אריין

דדווח על תוכן פוגעני


I could not have said it better!!
I would also use these exact words for your guys.You Lubavitcher believe anything about the rebbe,including you.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

well, Duvy

it looks like a lot of regurgitated stuff. The same "observations" we've seen from countless others over the years.

no big discoveries here, IMHO

duvy said...

Well, what else do you want them to "discover"?
Basically he says(and does a good backup job of proving this) that the Rebbe pushed the idea that he is Moshiach and that fact is the driving force behind Lubavitch today.

gizt said...

I'm surprised that you have not posted the article yet!
YWN already posted it (see: Editorial: Klal Yisroel, Where Are You).
Absolutely incredible!!!

Don said...

I found this letter quoted on Bechadrei Chareidim from Rabbi Dessler to Rabbi Cohen menahel of Gateshead seminary.I want to hear what you think about it.You probably know this but other posters don't that Rabbi Dessler was by no means a "soneh" of Lubavitch, in fact he studied Lubavitcher seforim and incorporated these sudies in his teachings.
This is the letter:בנוגע לשאלת למודי האונברסיטאי למען למען לאפשר לפעול יותר אחר כך בעד תורה ויראת שמים, כבר כתבתי דבר הטעות אשר בזה במכתבי לידידנו הר"ר מרדכי מילר הי"ו, כמדומני, ועכ"פ כתבתי מזה באר היטב במכתבי להר' בנימין זאב קויפמן הי"ו (מהכולל) במכתב המז"ט שכתבתי לו, ושמה גם דעת מרן החזון איש שליט"א.
כללו של דבר, שמי שמכין את עצמו בהכנות הנדרשות להשפיע על הרחוקים ולהיות מהרבנים או מהדרשנים בקהלותיהם, הנה ראינו נאמנה שלא פעלו הרבה כלל, ואדרבא הם עצמם אבדו את לחלוחית השקפות התורה במשך הזמן. והאם באמת זהו תיקון רב שיפעלו אשר כמה רחוקים יבואו בשבת לביהכנ"ס ויסעו לשם באויטאס, וכדומה? ואם להשפיע על הקרובים בדעה עמנן, הנה ברור, שהדרגא האונבירסטאית מפריעה.
ואפילו היחידים הגדולים שניצלו והגיעו למקומות השפעה על רחוקים וקרובים יחד, ידוע ברור כי עד כמה שצירפו רחוקים בחוג השפעתם כך נתמעט תוכן השפעתם, והלואי שישמרם ה' מקולות מצד הצורך עבור הרחוקים שהמה התחלתל הנפילה.

ואם ...., כוונתם לפרנסה, ..יסירו נא מסוה לשם שמים, ויאמרו בגלוי כי מוכרים המה את תוכן יר"ש שבהם עבור פת לחם, ואז מה לנו ולהם? יצאו נא כאלה ממקומות התורה הטהורה ולא יבלבלו אחרים בקלקולם... ..

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


finish your point. Are you saying that all kiruv is bad? that the Rebbe's attending University was bad?

don said...

The point appears that being mekarev people on account of becoming weaker in your own observance is not what Rabbi Dessler wanted

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

OK, Don
but who said otherwise?

who said that Chabad is mekarev even on account of becoming weaker?!

the rebbe always said that being mekarev (at least on his shlichus) makes נעשה מוחו ולבו זכין אלף פעמים ככה, based on what the Baal HaTanya says about doing chesed with Yidden.

Bored in Williamsburg said...

Funny that Hirshl'n mocks people for believing made up stories force fed to the believers but proceeds to feed us a daily dose of Lubavitch "frish gebakeneh" ligyoines.
So what are you,Hirsheleh? Does it depend on the hour,the day, the "mouza"?
Please clarify.

don said...

The Rebbe was not arguing with R'Yossi who said ayn ani dor eloh bemokom torah, was he?

Look, I think we've seen that Lubavitch has quite a lot of problem youth, drugs, Bais Shmuel style without the shul etc.
I don't know but based on Lubavitch relatives from the old school and comparing the new age ones their is a huge difference and not lemaalyusa.Some of my cousins are like the two shluchem from the kinnus who can hardly say a word in ivreh correctly.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

the problems you mention have zero to do with shlichus. Most of the Beis Shmuel guys grew up in frum communities.

as far as the shluchim go;

Simon is a BT, most BTs have problems with Ivreh, they weren't raised with it. Other than the Kometz/Patach thing he was just fine. As far as the second one goes; maybe he's dyslexic, what do I know, but that goes to show you that even guys like him can make a real difference, not just the "best guys in Lakewood/Brisk.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


I was referring to the story about Borger, not in general


circusfan said...

tzigeleh did you see Yisroel Besser's article in the yated reprinted on yw yet. Check it out its a beauty!

Anonymous said...

Williamsburg that is the role model of Hidbadlut,(Isolationism) has a shull by the name KW where they raped a Gerusha on simchat Torah,
So what exactly is your argument that Lubavich has problems with off the derech, so welcome to the Chariedi club, its the biggest problem in every wing of Judaism Yeshiviesh, Reb Arelech,Chasidic Sephardic and MO.

Anonymous said...

Isn't RSR Hirsch the Saviour of German Jewry? While he was a former University student? and promoted Torah im Derech Eretz as a Lekatchilo. Was Rav Dessler aware of that fact when he wrote that letter?

Anonymous said...

its my assumption that a bochur of Oholie Torah that didn't learn no secular studies whatsoever, the best candidate to fit in to Desslers Rule of Kiruv

shelo asani chareidi said...

Chas v'shalom I was insulting you. I meant that the Jewish week went and quoted someone they would consider a benighted shtetl yid. ANd about your name, most likely the only yiddish they ever read was Forward dialect spelled in English which is written with a bunch of superfluous c's and kh's to make it look more sophisticated.

Re ivreh: this is a huge problem in chabad and elsewhere, no denying it. I've found that most flatbush "black hat" (chassidish/heimish/litvish grab bag) yeshivos have approximately three bochurim who can say hadran correctly without nekudos.

Anonymous said...

Haha, at the end of the day it was Yidden from other communities who got help from Rubashkin in the good days, and are getting help from Chabad today.

Milhouse said...

REED's letter has nothing to do with kiruv. He is not decrying kiruv. He's not even decrying university studies as such. He's specifically decrying those who go to university with the excuse that they want to become rabbonim in United Synagogue shuls, so that they can be mekarev the people there. He says it's not going to work, you're going to be come kalye, yotzo schoro behefsedo, and if your real purpose is parnossoh then just say so and gei gezunterheit, at least you're being honest about it.

What has this got to do with Lubavitch? Since when have Lubavitchers gone to university for such a purpose? I'd say the Rebbe would agree with this letter 100%, and so would every Lubavitcher mashpia.