Monday, November 9, 2009

Is VosIzNeias bought and paid for?!

I don't usually do this, but somehow I was struck by the disparity here. A disparity, that in light of what HAS been reported screams "bloody murder."

Anybody that has followed Vos Iz Neias over the last few years has seen it develop from a site that reported mostly on MVAs and such, (MVA = motor vehicle accidents, to you guys in Lakewood) to a full scale site that mostly copies and pastes from other news sites and blogs. Anything even remotely related to Jews, even new regulations and legislation that may affect Jews, is reported on in VIN. Scandals of any type - whether X-rated or not - get covered there. It used to be that they would either omit the name or put only the acronyms, but now - for the most part - they put the whole story for you to read right on their site, since a simple Google news search would direct you to the story anyway - which is the excuse they use when dealt the Loshen HoRah card. There was a story where a Monsey man - a ba'al tzedokoh - was accused of heinous se-ual crimes while posing as a doctor - the man was later acquitted, but the whole story was reported on VIN, with all the details intact. There was the story of the father who was accused of terrible crimes against his own daughter; that too was reported on VIN. The point is clear - EVERYTHING gets covered, they miss nothing there.

Well, they sort of do. There was one story last week where they removed the name of a prominent Flatbush gvir, one who is very close to the top-tier gedolim in Eretz Yisroel, when they reported about the scandal he's now tied to. No, it wasn't paying your bills late, or hiring illegal Mexicans, it was only a $50Million kickback. Nobody got hurt. No Chillul Hashem because the Forward didn't run with it for months and years on end, and because, because, because. Only butchers who hire illegals do that kind of CH thing. Whatever. Let Schron make his millions, and let him get his kickbacks. It makes no difference to me, I get neither richer nor poorer, and he could probably care less what losers like us think of his shady business deals. But what it does tell you is how the business is run, the information business, that is, and that what you see is NOT necessarily what you get. Often times - as we learn from the New York Times - it's what's NOT reported that tells you the story.

There was a very tragic death last week in Boro Park. A young man, 36 hours after getting married, died a horrible death at the foot of the Avenue Plaza Hotel in Boro Park. The circumstances surrounding his death are very unclear; I'm not here to delve into them. You can at least give me the benefit of the doubt here; I never, ever discuss such situations, and I've been attacked relentlessly by friends of young people who died for "covering for the establishment." Other websites that have a major beef with mainstream frum establishment Judaism; you know who and what I mean. Having said that, please understand that I'm not here to bring shame to any family involved here, and I DO have a heart, so can the attacks and don't even start. The point I'm trying to make by bringing it up is simple; there are plenty of other situations where great pain and embarassment was brought unto victim's families or even alleged perpetrators' families. They all had the crimes and misdemeanors of their loved ones plastered over the VIN webpages. Nobody was spared their wrath, a wrath cloaked in the guise of "information," not c"v expose's or attacks.

So what I want to know is very simple, not why was that incident NOT covered, but why were all the OTHERS covered extensively?! Newssites such as Matzav and beChadrei Charedim mentioned the story. There was little talk about how and where and more talk about the etzem tragedy. Even Matzav had something like 65 comments as of Monday morning, and all were respectful, consoling and lamenting their friend. Many had been to the wedding 2 nights earlier and were devastated. The fact that such a terrible tragedy is the one ignored speaks louder than a 1000 words. Things like this don't just happen, and if there is a coverup going on then VIN would be an accesory to the crime, despie the fact that they like to consider themselves trailbalzers on the issue of abuse and such in our communities. We need to keep their proverbial feet to the fire. If you guys think I censor comments then you have a lot to learn. Nobody has his finger on the delete button more than VIN. Keeping quiet at a time like this is criminal.

?איר הערט מיך, מיסטער וואס איז נייעס

IOW, Is VosIzNeias bought and paid for?!


schneur said...

White collar crimes by anyone especially frum Jews should "bother" a frume yid as much as seeing a yeshiva man eat at Burger king.
White collar crimes affect us all they raise prices, raise taxes, someone makes up for the massive losses. And even if they did not , like seeing a Chasid solicit... it violates halacha and the guiding principle of Derocheha darchei Noam.
Its time we took this issue very seriously.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hirshel,

In the very same Bhol- chadrei charodim item that raises the issue of VIN being paid off to keep silent about certain happenings in the frum community, they mention YOU for covering up information about a certain RY of Central Israel ( Moron ). I am sure you read it. Care to elaborate what they might possibly mean ?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

I think he was saying that since I don't bash Ponovezh all day that I too am bought and paid for....

I don't think he was referring to anything in particular

Hirshels Chassid said...

Great post-

VIN has chosen to the low road to parnassah thats fine, feeding ones family is alos important, ich ken ess bashtein.

but what up with rabbi hoffman, who proudly writes hashkafa pieces and halacha pieces on the site? if that isnt a nezem zahav i dont know what is.

Anonymous said...

Your emotion would say that a white collar crime is as bad as a yid eating Triefa,since it makes you pay more taxes, but its not the torah way.

Hirshels Chassid said...

And one more thing, the crime is with the holy CHOFETZ CHAIM HERITAGE FOUNDATION and ARTSCROLL that advertise on a site of rechilus peddling, not the simple Joes who check out VIN from their office desks.

Anonymous said...

there is SO MUCH hatred on that site, not only in the comments but in the news itself. i stopped looking at them.
just 2 weeks ago he had a news about something in Monroe, he put up some youtube links that plays the satmer ruv reb aron in bad light. I am not satmar and I dont give a hood about the story but his hate against certin chasidus is really unacceptable.
at the same time I must say, I myself will NOT buy anything from someone who advertises by him.

The Bray of Fundie said...

forgive my ignorance or naivete but is Yeshiva World any more up-front about certain warts in the community? Why are you only angry at VIN/ As for Matzav they posted something very parva (and IMO correctly so). They did not volunteer any potentially embarrasing-scandalous info.

It was only the commenters on the thread that raised the possible disagreeable cause for the tragedy.

The Bray of Fundie said...

I am not satmar and I dont give a hood about the story but his hate against certin chasidus is really unacceptable.

Sow the wind...reap the whirlwind.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

YWN plays it smart, he stays out of trouble, that way nobody can complain about him, and he can say that he's better than VIN

I expected no different from him

Anonymous said...

ywn doesnt care about chasidim. he likes bashing lakewood backhandedly, he had a story up the day of elections about how some rosheiva a talmid of reb aron never would have let the yeshiva be so big because he cant know everyone etc

Shlomo said...

I see that you take the "higher way" by naming Schron,eh?
No, you are not Vosizneias, you are "better"
The truth is you are so jealous that Vosizneias is the most viewed Hemishe site a site that actually makes a lot of money, while your cruddy yellow rag-a-blog gets a collection of zombie Lubavitchers or anybody else who uses you as a conduit to publish dirt.
Two faced is you

Levi said...

Dear Herschel.

I go back many years on these blogs and sites when you where still a novice asking Tzemach for advice vechulu.

As someone who ATTEMPTS to put comments in all the time and since the conversation is now revolving around VIN News there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that they take sides in what articles they place on their site and the comments they allow on.

I have many times played both sides of the coin - many times just to test the waters and at least when it comes to Chabad they take the side of the establishment and don't mind bashing those even within the system whop the establishment don't care for.

My guess is for sure one of the editors is either himself or related to someone within the "controllers" of Chabad.

with that haven been said in all likelihood the same exists regarding other kraizin which I am not so familiar with, the internal politics.

Its like most sites and blogs on the Internet especially the frum ones a site with an agenda.

I don't believe there is one site which it completely unbiased although some times COL tried putting in articles bashing Krinsky ukedoimeh and after a few hours the entire article or all the comments where gone in the clear blue air.

By now I hope most people know not only are you not getting the full story on these frum sites, but with the filtering and probably inserting of fake comments by the blog masters you are getting a good dose of the oilom hasheker on these NEWS sites and blogs.

Levi said...

another thing. in the same way that covering up depression only help to worsen the way we deal with this unfortunate illness, the dishonesty on these frum news blog sites only help support and enable the dishonest and crooked people.

Transparency will do more good than the harm brought about by the public awareness and shame of these avlos.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong, all this Chabad sites are not embarrassing and inflicting families and Klal Yisroel Ledorois Oilam for 7 billion people of the Human race, Hirshel is 100% correct, VIN is causing deep pain for people for generations to come, families that are leading private lives are all of a sudden in the limelight of every Dick & Harry, this is not a way to act for a person with a Yiddishe Heart, if you look at the secular media, you will see the NYT will go out of their way not to embarrass their own as Obama, Pelosi or Ried and Fox on the other side will never badmouth Bush, Limbaugh or Palin. Their is no such thing as objective media

Levi said...

My only point was and which it seems you agree to, is that all these sites including VIN have agendas so what they do say, and what they don't say, and how they say it, is all biased.

and yes I also agree with you that these sites are causing huge unnecessary embarrassment and chilul Hashem

How you match the need for transparency with public figures and other breaches of trust and avoid the chilul hashem is another story.

seen it all said...

Be melamed zchus. Maybe the editors of VIN are close friends of the chosson/kallah families, and it just hit too close to home.
I read it every day, and there definitely is some leanings there, but they are minute, and for the most part they seem pretty even-handed.

Last year during the mumbai murders HY"D, they were the best site with up to the minute updates.

Snagville said...

This was an excellent piece. My only quibble is maybe you want to tell us the Pope is Catholic? This is the oldest story in the book. These guys know they will only have power if they wield it so they play sides to get the others to behave (V'YWN Bsochom). Although I am perhaps the worlds biggest snag I must give props to HT for being a Yotzeh Min Haklal. Obviously you spin stories also but you allow almost all my comments. If I was running a mirror site to this one there is no way I would allow some of the comments about my Gedaylim the way you do about your Rebbin. I know your motives are not pure as you have said many times you do it to make the haters look bad but that being said it still must be painful, and as painful as it is for me to admit this for this you deserve our kudos (and thanks).

Anonymous said...

I guess he decides vus iz naies. and ven siz naies. By the way, I can't stand the way they spell 'naies'... is it hungarian? Any spelling suggestions out there?

Anonymous said...

You are so right. VIN is no more than a copy and paster business. They just steal stuff from other websites, basically violating all copyright laws.

David said...

Hey snagville, your comment sounds refreshingly honest. I also think that Tzig's openness and style is what draws his large and diverse following.

Anonymous said...

But wasn't it always this way, that even in Yiddishe circles people protected those who were close to them?

? said...

Good post.

Why don't you ask Ezra Friedlander of Friedlander PR about it....

Anonymous said...

I believe the moderator of that blog is a "track 5" patient...

ישעי' מט-יז
מהרסיך ומחרביך ממך יצאו

Unknown said...

VIN is also taking sides in most major hasidic dynasty divisions
VIN is taking sides in political campaigns, so the Q is who is paying, and how is the payment system working
Maybe he is simple become an extortionist, or plain a bully on the heimishe street
The owner, lives in BP, came from satmar family, have 5-6 posters, in monsey, in BP, and Monroe, even in UK.
Its a shame that we allowed this to go on, what a difference is the other site YW (lately also start with gossip), which BTW has much more clicks

Anonymous said...

I said,
He can do whatever he wishes with public figures misnagdim or hassidim, but he is spilling jewish blood when he is publicising private matters of private people, they dont afford PR people as Friedlander and his ilk to spin the story to their benefit.

Gershy said...

In the spirit of transparency that you seem to be promoting will you allow a frank and open discussion on Lubavitch??

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

I never claimed to be "transparent," Gershy.
what would you like to discuss?

GERSHY said...

Did Vosizneias claim to transparent?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


דו מאכסט זיך צי דו ביסט

gershy said...

I would like to discuss how Lubavitch is continuing to promote the Rebbe as Moshiach 15 years after his passing.
As one who has attended many farbrengens and shiurim including ones with R'Yoel and read some of his writings it is clear that even he promotes this idea.Actually anybody who has learned the Rebbes sichos knows that the Rebbe said "Nossi hador hu Moshiach shebador" and Lubavitch continue to call the Rebbe nossi hador

Gershy said...

Will you discuss this?
Please no answers like "what does it bother you that Lubavitch think their rebbe is Moshiach" .

gershy said...

No answer?
Have you been bought?
Just curious:Chas vesholom if this ma'aseh had been with a Lubavitcher, would you also be so adamant about it's publication?
Lubavitch is a big place and just like everywhere else it has had it's share of stories that make people very uncomforatable.You never "discuss" these issues yet you devote a lot of bandwith to other communities "problems".To me that sounds like being two-faced, than you proceed to attack Vosiznaies as being "bought" when by all accounts they are quite even handed.Lots of coverage of Lubavitch , the best coverage of Mumbai.So they decided to keep this very sad story off the web,big deal.The story is not political it's a very personal tragedy and you are demanding that it get coverage?
You don't practice what you preach.

Gershy said...

I've been holding my breath for long enough.I take it you will not discuss the issues?

Another "objective" fellow hits the dust?

Richard said...

Just one remark about VIN contra Circus Tent. The VIN, at least as I understand it, is a News site. The Tent is a blogg. That makes a very important difference. Most papers/news sites at least pretends to be neutral. I have never heard about a blogg doing the same. The whole idea with bloggs are to make other people know how things really are or should be according to the bloggers views. If the Tent is biased so what, but if a news site is biased it´s a problem.

Sam said...

"If the Tent is biased so what, but if a news site is biased it´s a problem."

Is it a problem when the pot calls the frying pan black?

Vosizneias is much more objective than any other Orthodox site.That's a fact.They don't need to stoop into the gutter so some moron can get his daily shockgossip

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


you have the patience of a three year old. Really now, do you think I sit around all day and wait for comments to come in? and if I don't respond means I'm avoiding the question?!

I moderate mostly from a blackberry. I do not comment from there. I need to get back to a computer, sit down and then comment.


Jeff said...

Hirshel,in Gershy's whathisface defense, he asked the question more than an hour before he ran out of patience.When mine where three year olds it was more like two secs

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


10 minutes according to my calculation from when he asked again

and then 20 minutes later he "gave up."

friendly anonymous said...

shouldn't gershy's question be on the previous post, where some middle-aged balding guy is moaning yechi?

jeff said...

Without getting sidetracked I wonder actually why this Rebbe Moshiach question is not discussed.
I am personally less surprised at this stance, as some people always have peculiar ideas but more surprised at how Chabad still manages to be mainstream.Today according to Vosisnayes a Chabad rabbi was acknowledged by the Queen.Pretty mainstream.
I attend a Chabad shul but have never asked the rabbi there because he tends to get defensive and I don't want to put him on the spot.
Leaving work now, so hope to see some ideas tomorrow.Nighty night

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Let me tell y'all a story:

a well-known mechanech in Monsey told me among others that he was on the plane flying from Israel to New York. He sat next to a well-known Chabad Rosh Yeshivah from israel and he asked him the following question: why didn't the Rebbe appoint a successor? The RY answered: because the Rebbe wanted to stay connected to Chassidim. Once you appoint a new one then they're connected. I'm sure the feeble-minded among you can twist this into some power-hunger, but that cannot be avoided. Fools will always be fools. Using that we can say the same thing when it comes to the Moshiach question. Many people who belived that before continue to believe that because the Rebbe is still their Rebbe.

As far as the shliach goes; I too would be annoyed by such questions, no matter what I believed.

Gershy said...

Took you a long time to come out with a "statement",eh?

"Many people who belived that before continue to believe that because the Rebbe is still their Rebbe."

The rebbe is still their rebbe.True.But he passed away?Moshiach min hameisim?Very not mainstream view.Untenable to preach a non mainstream view as a certainty,no?

"Fools will always be fools. "

So anyone questioning you is a fool? That statement does not sound very smart to me

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


if you wanna be confrontational go bother some other blogger. I don't work for you, you don't write my paycheck. I'll answer you when I have the time, OK, buddy?

by "fools will be fools" I mean that those will take that vort and twist it, not the questioners.

as far as that view being mainstream; it may not be, but so it goes.

Anonymous said...

the big diff. b/t CT and VIN is that HT allows all comments to come in. he even posted all the laaz against Maran on that video
where he says that Chabad doesn't learn. what really riled the haters is that Maran mentioned his death several times on that binyaney uman speach of love. the rebbe never mentioned his death. think about it.

on that plane, it wasn't a chabad RAm, it was a "mashpiyah".

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

on that plane, it wasn't a chabad RAm, it was a "mashpiyah".

how would you know?

it was a Rosh Yeshiva.

Anonymous said...

i was on the plane with them. the chabad person, u can tell, was used to people respecting him. couldn't have been a RAm.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

so tell me, who were they?

Anonymous said...

The Rebbe was a "chad bidurah"
ran away from "siruruh"
never spoke loshon horoh

his genious and his wisdom
the world was his kingdom
chabad works like a fiefdom

his kindness and his eydelkeit
did not tolerate narhishkiet
exuded vahremkeit

a man who never wasted time
always made time
took out the time
to give out his time

OrthodoxJew said...

ok lets make things clear first you love to bash litvacks and lakewood and yes they know what mva stands for in lakewood

second the story with the chosson vin did not publish because they got huge slack when they published the baltimore bridge story

also they think by embarassing the families of jewish white collar they will stem the tide'

as for comments posted you never post my comments

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

since when do they care about slack?

never? I just did. The earlier ones must have really terrible for me to delete them

Dave said...

Chabad, is a cult without ethics, that permits killing of women of children, torturing animals with hooks before they die, and stealing from banks.
Additionally, they don't even believe in one god. their main god is the rebbe.
They should really focus on keeping the basic laws of judaism, before they add in lots of stupid laws, like banning stuffed animals for kids shaped like bears and rabbits, even while their hats themselves are made out of rabbit.
I was out Saturday night in the city. I saw at least 4 groups of chabad kids out, some with yarmulkes, some without, all rebelling.
The cult is collapsing from within.

Anonymous said...

VIN is a shame, so much hate & humility on Heimish Yiden.

Don't get it y Heimishe people are still advertising there.

Anonymous said...

"torturing animals with hooks before they die," how about eating meat, shouldn't they go Vegan

Anonymous said...

" I was out Saturday night in the city." doing what? probablt to be mekarev the rebel kids in order that " The cult is collapsing from within." to stop it, are you from Ura?

Anonymous said...

"New York City - Hidden Deathtraps: Illegally Apartments Still Run Rampant in NYC, Inspectors Denied Entry At Borough Park Brothel"
Today at 10:34 AM

posted today on VIN - either he is ignorant or he is stupid, but probably both. using brothel in a headlie, or even in an article for that matter