Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dear Mum - 7

Yom Bays Leseder Vayigash 5714 - 7 Dec '53

Dear Parents, Shlito

Has the date of the wedding [of my brother] been fixed yet? All is well here and I am learning well BH. In Zevochim I am up to Daf 38. The Achronim which we use are Keren Orah, Sfas Emes, Chemdas Doniel, Lekutay Halochois, Even Ho'ozel and also Chidushim from the present Brisker Rav, Shlit"a, which have been duplicated here.

Shabbos I spent in Belz. It was nearly Shabbos when I arrived in Tel Aviv as I had relied on taxis, which to my dismay were all fully booked. The buses take longer. I had to try a couple of hotels until I got a room for sleeping. The crowd was as great as Yomim Noiroim and packed into a BHM"D, which though far more modern is a lot smaller than the outdoor Succah used in Yerushalaim. It was the first time I had been a complete Shabbos there, and only now do I realise what stamina is needed to carry it through. The timetable was roughly as follows. Chanuka Lecht followed by Mincha at 4, then a two hour break before Kabolas Shabbos after which the Olam makes Kiddush and eats there. As there is not enough sitting space many had to eat standing. After Bircas Hamozoin there was a break until the Tish which started at 11.30 and ended at 2, and if one wants to see anything there is constant unrelenting pressure in a tropical heat. (No windows are opened when the Rav Shlita is present). Shacharis started at 9.30 and ended at 1.45, not that they Daven slowly but due to the two long Hefsekim when the Rav Shlita signals from his room. It is these Hefsekim which occur any time and for any length of time which make everything take so long The afternoon Tish started at 4.30 when the Rebbe made Kiddush. It was dark at five but Minchah was held at 5.30 followed by Seudah Shlishis at 6.30. This with a few Hefsekim took until twelve, then a break until Maariv at two, Chanuka Lecht at three, with Zmiros etc and Melaveh Malka at four. The crowd who came after Shabbos and stayed until the end was even greater than that present all Shabbos. I finished nearly knocked out but extremely satisfied. Once I hope to go on an ordinary Shabbos with a small Olam.

The Halperns in Zichron Meir had written and sent me messages asking me to visit them and stay there over Shabbos . I went there on Sunday and spent some pleasant hours talking to R' Shmuel Shlit"a [the father of a Manchester uncle, who handed over his Rabbonus to Rav Wosner]. They are such fine people and the grandchildren are very sweet. On Friday there was the Levayo of another Gadol in Yerushlaim, Rav Shloime Kahane ZT"L. He used to be the AB"D of Warsaw and was a great authority on Agunos. Once I went to visit him but was not admitted as he was unwell. ............. Recently with the threat of Giyus Bonois people have been trying to marry off their daughters, and Yeshivah Bachurim are at a great premium. Last week there were three engagements in Chevron besides a Chasunoh and since my arrival here there have been at least a dozen Simchos. This is causing a grave shortage of older Bachurim. There are indeed only two left now. ....... I have developed a technique of not answering questions about myself to strangers. There is one Shadchan'te who regularly makes a nuisance of herself on the premises, but she is tolerated, having had a number of successes.

- Dear Keeva [my brother] The Chazon Ish on Gitin VeKidushin was published in 1932 and is now out of print. I bought some of the available ones from the Gadol himself. The ones available are........................... They used to cost 2 Liros each, (about 7/6 in England) but since his Petiroh they may be dearer.



yehupitz said...

I didn't realize that Giyus Bonos was seen as such an imminent thread. Like Ba Hegemon L'Ir!

Any explanation for the breaks in the davening?

Anonymous said...

I cant figure out yet, was he from a Belzer family?

Anonymous said...

irate, but don't make a ruffle,
a plate, with fleish and ketufel

talk, just like to plapel
balk, eat your falafel

Anonymous said...


For the edification of those of us am ha'aratzim, can you please identify the subjects of your photographs and the circumstances of the correspondence, to the extent that you know them? Thank you.

Eli Duker said...

Yehupitz, it wasn't about drafting girls into the army, it was about requiring Sherut Leumi for those who got religious exemptions. A bill drafting all unmarried exempted girls for National Service passed the Knesset at the time this letter was written, but never enforced. Hence the concern.
What I found interesting is that the Sherut Leumi issue pushed shiduchim with Yeshivaleit, having met some who told me that a yeshiva man wasn't much of a catch in EY at the even in Heimsche circles. Could be that these events changed that.

מאטקע said...

ווער איז דער שרייבער פון דעם בריוו?

ווי ליגט דעם בריוו? איז דא א קאפי פון דעם אויף אידיש?