Monday, July 25, 2011

Chossid or Litvak/Misnaged?

Yeshurun - The Lomzher Gaon - Rav Yehuda Leib Gordin

A biography of a great gaon who wrote in Sfas HaMedinah so that goyim should understand what we believe as well. From Yeshurun, Elul 5757


יהודי said...

איני מאמין לאיזה שפלות הגיעו אנשי עקלקות (ישרון) מובן לכל בר דעת מהכתבה זו עצמה שהיה מעריץ גדול של החסידים ופחד מגחלתן דלא כהכותבן דילן שילך מהר לבקש מחילה

Lomzher friend said...

This is the great grandfather of Reb Shmaryahu Rosenberg the Baal FM.

Anonymous said...

Someone once told Rav Gordin that his sons )who were big Iluyim but he lost them to Nefesh Habehamis and had to give up his position in an ultra Chasidic city not to be ashamed of his kids and accepted the position in a Misnagdisha city where he wouldn't feel out of place....) that they are חומץ בן יין so he said, no they are יין בן יין but it's יין נסך and therefore it's אסור בהנאה.

I'm writing this to you Lomzer friend who's mocking him for having such a grandson, he was smarter than you!!

Anonymous said...

I he related to R' Eliezer Gordon who's buried in London?

Lomzher friend said...

To: Anonymous said.
Don't be choshed bekesharim. I had no intention of mocking R. Gordin in the least. I heard nice stories about him from older friends in Chicago.
My people were from Smargon where he was the rav.
Punkt farkert I am trying to show SR comes from famous rebbeim .
Smarter than me , maybe you have a version of my posting ,I din't see but no where was such a claim made excpt in your ... kup.

Anonymous said...

this Yeshurin journal became lately a hotbed of Maskilim and Bible criticism. I guess all is fine but Chasidim

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly he was black listed by the Avnie Nezer school, He dared to write different then their Rebbe,
It always amazed me how that school was so sensitive on their Rebbes Torah, the Avnie Nezer was the giant in his era,but on the other hand, most of his talmidim were giants too, and I guess that it is the derech hatorah to stay guard for your Rebbes Kovad

schneur said...

I think his son was the Yiddish language writer Jacob Gordin.

יוהדי said...

just relized that this is from 5757 also see in that volume they bring somthing nice from one of the סאדיגורא children but i guess since he was learned he quelifes

Anonymous said...

Guys please don't beat up on the writer Eliezr Katzman, he is a very nice guy with a vast knowledge in chochmas yisroel, unfortunately he his employed by this arrogant wannabe lamdan, Gottesman

Anonymous said...

of the things I do like and I don't like, is the Heter he provided for the rich girl that received a ring from the Jewish soldier,The rich family was embarrassed,
I admire the guts to write the heter with the approval of the great Kovner Ruv, It is a weaker Heter then the Heter Mamzierim of Rav Goren.
I guess it was a different climate then, no one declared a fatwa on the Ruv.
would the Ruv write that complex Heter for the water carrier daughter too?
from the article it seems not.