Wednesday, July 29, 2015

------- ביז'ן קרעטשמע דארף מען אויך א שנעפסל until I can finish what I'm working on enjoy these pictures

Reb Yosef N. Kornitzer of Krakow, left, with his cousin Reb Shlomo Sofer of Bergsaz, right.

(right) Reb Zalman Sorotzkin of Lutzk, son in law of Reb Lazer Gordon of Telshe, and (left) Reb Shmuel D Unger of Nitra.

Kenessiah Gedauloh

מרן רביה"ק מסאטמאר זצ"ל בעת ביקורו בארה"ק ת"ו


פרישע זיסע קוקאריטץ said...

קארניטץ עליך ישראל

JS said...

ביז'ן קרעטשמע What a great expression. I'm gonna use it at my next opportunity. Just another reason to love this blog!

ניסן שולעכטץ said...

כאפט אריין א וואדקע ווילאנג איר וועט נאך לעבן, -- כאפט אריין א שאשקע א גוטן גלעזל מאשקע

Anonymous said... missed a Rhizhiner eynikel in the first photo. The heilige Ohole Yaakov.
Ms Rock Heartfield

dr bill said...

JS, while not minimizing the problen of drinking and of 'legal drugs' The problem of overeating is much worse in our society, different addiction but the same results, as amplified by DA, NA, and OA. the results, self destruction, are the same, so are the remedies it's time our laymen make aware the public of its danger .

קלויז חזן said...

"42 percent of Jewish Israelis are concerned that the State of Israel may be destroyed"

What's interesting about this poll, out of the 42% "concerned" for various reasons not one feared for his or others who are dwelling in the holy land while in sin ? פחדו בציון חטאים never again.

ערב שב"ק פ' חזון תשע"ה

קלויז חזן said...

כ'מיין נחמו