Monday, November 17, 2008

Lies, Lists and the People who "make" them

Scott (Shmarya) Rosenberg

Truth be told, were it not for Lubavitch's infatuation with being recognized for their work I never would've heard of the "Forward 50." It's supposed to be a list of 50 of the most influential or news-making Rabbis, politicians, "activists" and what-nots of the year. The fact that Yudel Krinsky would usually make the list got some people very excited, so they would publish the fact every year. This year Rabbi Krinsky didn't make the list, Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky did, so the fact that a Lubavitcher made it was again trumpeted on all Chabad websites. Well, now, what they didn't tell you was who else made the list, and this year - if the regular Rubashkin-bashing in the guise of muckraking wasn't enough - it was anybody - and I mean ANYBODY - who said anything negative about Rubashkin and Agri. You could've been a 20 year old with jock-itch who had too much time on his hands who said something to say about the "terrible conditions" at Agri and you were on. Oh, that and anything related to BHO, but that's beside the point. I guess the Forward is trying to return its Socialist roots...

When we speak of Scott Rosenberg of failedmessiah the word "obsessed" comes to mind. Here's a man who sits in his underwear in frigid Minnesota and does nothing but update his blog with anti-Orthodox, mostly anti-Rubashkin stories. How do I know this? I just do. TRUST me. Even I get tired of bashing misnagdim after a while and need long breaks. You might wonder how and why a man like that comes to be obsessed with one man and his family to that extent. Now it's easy for any wannabe 'activist" to gang up on Rubashkin, but what prompted Scotty to do that years ago? The answer is LUBAVITCH. Rubashkin represents Lubavitch to ol' Scott, and he's angry with Lubavitch. Something about the Rebbe not heeding Scotty's call to save Ethiopian Falashas. I guess he saved them all by himself, without the Rebbe's help... Scotty, like some others, is a 50-something bachelor who has lots of time on his hands. Not that it's his fault, but the fact remains that he has plenty of free time to dig up dirt. Sort of like "alternative-lifestyle" activists; they have no families so they have plenty of time to demonstrate and boycott, something REGULAR people have no time for, since they have families and real worries. Scotty made the vaunted Forward 50. Yipee!

Here's what they say about him. The fact that any so-called respectable newspaper would give the time of day to a blo-gger is a chiddush onto itself. But in this case the Forward has some loser in Minnesota doing their dirty work for them, so they rubbed his back and put him on the "list." Young, inexperienced readers of his blog are shocked and dismayed at what he writes there, and it often takes them a while to recover from the aforementioned shock. Sometimes it'll even place doubt into some of Rubashkin's greatest supporters, but those of you who are concerned needn't worry. They may never climb out of the financial and legal mess they're in, but you needn't worry about Scotty. I have it on good authority that even the Rubashkin family itself is very hurt by davka what Scotty writes. Not because of what he writes, but, rather, who it is that's doing the writing. You see my friends, Scotty LIVED IN THEIR HOUSE FOR THREE YEARS. THAT'S RIGHT, THE SCUM HAD THREE YEARS OF FREE ROOM AND BOARD AT THE RUBASHKIN'S EXPENSE. HE ATE THEIR FOOD, WASHED HIS SORRY BEHIND IN THEIR BATHROOMS, AND THEY CHANGED HIS SOILED BED EVERY SINGLE DAY, NEVER ASKING ANYTHING IN RETURN, DOING IT BECAUSE IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO; HELP A DISTRAUGHT YOUNG FELLOW IN AN UNFAMILIAR ENVIRONMENT.

You bet I'm angry. You'd be angry too if that was how your kindness was repaid, and that why it hurts so bad. The loser would never tell you that, and I'm sure his buddies at that Socialist rag don't know it either. None of those JewNazis at the Forward would have him over for a store-bought dinner, let alone allow him near their sorry children. Scum of the earth is an understatement. This isn't about whether or not they were right in hiring young Paluans or Mexicans and paying them 7 dollars an hour or moving money around. It's about common decency and gratitude. The fact is that these people, who helped hundreds and hundreds of people survive with dignity, fed them, clothed them and paid their tuition, are now destitute. They didn't stash money in Swiss bank accounts. Money is being collected as we speak for that once-proud family, and for those who are stuck there with their livelihoods on the line. My heart aches as I write these words; it aches also because of the self-righteous morons who know NOTHING about these noble people, and who choose to shoot their mouths off. Zol der eybershter rachmones hobben of Mishpachas Rubashkin, and may we hear good news.

I apologize for the uncouth language...


Anonymous said...

I did not know that,

but this Scotty needs medical assistance

Anonymous said...

You were the one talking about gutter language?.......
Easy to blame Shmarya but see he was not the one that closed the plant down, it was the stupidity of Rubashkins "defenders" like yourself that did it!
What a silly goon you are.
That's the way of the Lubob seeking anyone, anything to blame, besides themselves.
Btw since you are from a family of survivors are you not ashamed to cheapen the word "Nazi" and use it for the Forward?You may not like them but they are not "JewNazis" as you shamelessly called them.For shame!

Anonymous said...

Hershel, we gotta give you credit for this one.
You are so on target. If you clean it up, we would love to post it on
You hit the nail on the head and you deserve credit for it.
Yasher koach.

Anonymous said...

This is a huge tragedy all around!

It's unlikely that mr scotty had any major real role in what happened with Rubashkin but he sure spent/spends a lot of time hakking in kop about it ad naseum on his "failed messiah" blog.

Now that he BHO won the election maybe mr scotty will be happy that East Africans (Kenya is close to Ethiopia) have come out on top some place some how.

Unfortunately mr scotty is virulently anti-frum and is opposed to ANYTHING remotely frum/Haredi/Orthodox and is a state of virtual jihad against religious Jews and Yiddishkiet, so it's not just Chabd he hates but everything and anything remotely connected with the Haredi world. He is in state of siege and the fact that he is single makes it worse because he has all that pent up energy that is going nowhere, and unbeknownst to him he may in fact already be slowly but surely turning senile as a result of not having a true ezer kenegdo, keyadua.

Yet, he does make some valid points though along the way about being oisgehalten, so let's avoid totally wiping him out, and he can be granted that. He could still do teshuva, yet again.

In this age of the Blogosphere he righfully also seen, even though one may not like it, as a news conduit of sorts from the outside world to the Jewish world, and as I have pointed out, he received a very important letter from none-other than Rahm Emanuel's rabbi in Chicago who admits that Rahm had a governmental hand in the anti-Rubashkin crusade by the feds:

Says Rahm's rabbi:

"I doubt I have had any influence on Rahm Emanuel regarding Agriprocessors – in fact, I don't think it is my role to get involved with influencing my members on political issues. I have spoken in shul of my concern with Agriprocessors, but not in the context of what a Congressman should do or say."

See the full letter below.

What Rahm Emanuel's role was and the extent of it needs to be known, since Rahm is now about to be the chief honcho in BHO's office, and it came to light on "the failed messiah" blog, so that even though there are serious problems with it, it does lead to uncovering some important news but not in the way mr scotty intended it.

Ok, so it happens to be that according to "The Failed Messiah" blog at and it is clearly stated that Rahm was one of the people behind the government attacks on Rubashkin according to his rabbi, see the rabbi's letter, reproduced below...

Following is the letter wherin Rahm Emanuel's rabbi admits that Rahm was a key player behind the government attacks on the Rubashkins and justifying it, (and also that as far as he [the rabbi] is concerned Rahm's wife and hence his kids are not Halachically Jewish even though they are members of his supposedly Modern Orthodox synagogue [why is that not worse for Yiddishkeit than anything the Rubashkin's allegedly did according to "Rahm & his Rabbi"?]):


"November 10, 2008
GUEST POST: Rabbi Asher Lopatin On Rahm Emmanuel...

In response to comments left on this previous post, Rabbi Asher Lopatin writes:

Dear Fellow Readers of the Failed Messiah Blog:

Please read and reread Wikipedia carefully: It does not mention who converted Amy Rule, nor does it say that it was an Orthodox conversion. Rahm Emanuel and his family are well liked members of our Modern Orthodox synagogue, but we are proud that Anshe Sholom attracts many members who would not necessarily classify themselves as Orthodox – or as any denomination. We strive to be inclusive and non-judgmental. People would have to ask Rahm and Amy what denomination, if any, they feel they are part of.

When giving Rahm a heter for being on a conference call on Rosh Hashana, I did tell him that if he could have a gentile make the call it would be preferable. I feel as strongly now as I did a month a go that passing the bailout was a critical part of preventing the melt-down of the world economy, and that that is a Pikuach Nefesh issue. My Rav, Rav Ahron Soloveichik was a hawk, as all Briskers are, when it comes to enforcing Pikuach Nefesh even in a case of Chashasha Rechoka. People may disagree whether the bailout was the right thing to do, but Rahm felt it was critical, and my p'sak was based on his take on the situation, which I feel was appropriate.

I doubt I have had any influence on Rahm Emanuel regarding Agriprocessors – in fact, I don't think it is my role to get involved with influencing my members on political issues. I have spoken in shul of my concern with Agriprocessors, but not in the context of what a Congressman should do or say.

Finally, even though I was not involved in Amy Rule's conversion, I remain deeply concerned about the rejection of many halachically valid conversions, and also at the lack of communal effort to halachically convert legitimate adult and child candidates to Judaism. I salute Rabbi Marc Angel for his voice on this matter as well as Rabbi Michael Broyde who is working towards explaining the halachic options with Ger Katan.

Rabbi Asher Lopatin"

Anonymous said...

Rosenberg is a real ingrate.

Anonymous said...

Journalist of the year.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


who is?

Anonymous said...

Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin and his family need no introductions - their actions have made them a legend of kindness, support and assistance to anyone in need.

Now it is their time of need.

Their struggle to maintain their business and continue to provide the market with Kosher products in the face of incredible adversity has completely depleted their assets.

They will, with the help of Hashem, prevail, but at the moment you can help - not for their business, but for their personal legal representation. This is a critical need at a time when the government is intent on making Sholom Rubashkin, as an individual, a cautionary tale to all businessmen.

Let us reciprocate just a little of the support and assistance they have shown so many.


You can make a tax-deductible contribution to the Aleph Legal Defense Fund, which exists to help people facing difficult legal expenses, online at

You can also send checks to:

Aleph Legal Defense Fund
9540 Collins Avenue
Surfside FL 33154

For Wire Instructions Email:


Thank you, and may Hashem show you kindness in return.

PS Please include your friends in this Mitzva by forwarding this email. Together we can make a difference.Donate to The Aleph Institute Legal Defense Fund

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

inBP seems to have a cloud over his head that make his thinking fuzzy. We're not discussing guilt nor blame. I'm talking about Rosenberg and what he does.

Get it? good.

Anonymous said...

tzig, clarification:
surely, you did not mean to say "az der eybershter zol rachmones hobben" of di reshoim that are spewing hate against the Rubashkins and rejoice in their tzaar, did you? You might want to edit that section for clarity. I, for one, do not think that you can apply the famed words of Bruruia to Scott y"msh!

Anonymous said...

shmadiya and the three losers that perpetuate his fountain of vomit have no shot at "rachmones" or any of those other good things that you bestow upon them. these people are the worse of the worst, they live to hate and unfortunately Internet made it possible for scum like that to do actual tangible damage to very real people. You can't just write them off as a gang of irrelevant loonies since it looks like the concerted defamation by him and by PETA played a substantial role in governments' selection of the "poster child" victim of the unfair and arbitrary enforcement of "dina demalchusa" - Agri. So let's all hope that he chokes on his next cheeseburger. I bet there won't be anyone to care until the whole street block will begin stinking ...

Anonymous said...

I thought the Aleph Institute was created to support Jewish chaplaincy in Federal prisions, now I see its shifted its goals (fund raising what else ?)to keep Lubavitchers out of jail. I recall hearing the MDA of CH saying that CH itself has over 10 minyonim Jews who were millionaires. Why the need for a public appeal ? Does not Anash mean anshei shlomanu ? Chassidim zaynen ein mishpocha ?
Tzig, I ahve trouble believing that the noble family did not squirrel away more than several million in private accounts. They would really be nuts if they did not.Why was S. Rubashkin arrested the second time ?
Anyhow , I must note that the Lubavitch world community is so stubborn that they can not objectively see the great Chilul Hasehm leyne kol Hagoyim that the R family has caused for weeks and months on end. I bet the Christians of Postville and Iowa have a great opinion of frum Jews and their religion!
You seem not to believe in dina demalchusa Dina. You still hack a tsheinik about special govt interest in prosecuting the R family. Of cours they did not touch Empire, Alle, Solomons, Kiryat Joel, Vineland Hebrew national, Empire National and Best among other companies in the kosher meat business.
Why not write a reasonable critique of the R family. You need to note the following they are a business not a charity seeking to spread kashrus. They repeatedly and flagrenlty violated State and federal laws, even after his arrest.Rosenberg and the others did not put R out of business, he did it to himself. the family seems to have a secret death wish.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

א קלוגער איד דארף צו ענטפערען צו דער זאך

I was not defending or accusing here, I was speaking of a blogger and how he repayed their kindness.

as far as why they went after Agri and not the others: there are several reasons and we've stated them often. So now you accuse them of stashing money and lying to the public about that too?! The second arrest was not because of him taking money for himself, look it up.

As far as Aleph; I don't see the issue you have.

Anonymous said...

did you condemn when Mendel Wechter was Koffie Tova to the Parents Who paid him tuition to teach their kids torah and he taught them to be oivdei avoda zoroh.
I guess that was Scotti lesson how to behave

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

you win "stupid comment of the day," friend. Don't hang up, Jim will take your information and send you a gevaldige prize.

Anonymous said...

its a fact Shmarya was in CH when wechter was glorified for his Reishesdiga act

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

I see. So therefore. OK. I take back everything I said. You're right.

Anonymous said...

נו, מיר קענען דאך דער נבילה

Anonymous said...

scotty. in his letter to the court, admits that he was Rubashkin's friend for many years (most of the 20 years).
He, obviously is taking revange, about something that happened during his "friendshiP",maybe not getting a shidduch,loan, who knows

Der Shygetz said...


Are you 100% sure that Scott lived in one of the Rubashkin's homes for 3 years? They do open their homes to long term guests whom no one else would want, but was Scott one of them? Does anyone have proof? I can ask one of the Rubashkins but they don't need to even see or hear the name Scott Rosenberg now with all their tzuris. The more plausible story has it that Scott was a frequent Shabbos guest at the Rubashkin and Gourarie (sister and bil of Sholom R) homes when all lived in S. Paul.

Scott does have a history of this type of behavior. When he lived in Yerushalayim, he was being fed by a noted meshichist (a good man although I don't agree with his views) and he stopped me on the street/hocked me in shul on several occasions when I was visiting E"Y to tell me how bad meshichisten are.

Scott's problem with the Rubashkins is that he had a meat store that failed, perhaps because Rubashkin could not extend any more credit or give him free merchandise which is probably the only way it could have succeeded. I wonder if it was not Sholom Rubashkin who set him up in business to begin with as a way of trying to help him and in the end Scott just tried to take ten miles instead of the mile that Rubashkin gave him.

But most of all, Scott thrives on attention. He is known to be nisht fun allemen and a farbissener failure. Loz em tzu gay'n in yenner platz (oder tzu der mental-ward).

Let the Forward give him that attention, and let him stew in his gottkes when the galgal hachoizer turns again before he knows it and he is left to languish in obscurity by those who conveniently used him to attack his betters.

Der Shygetz said...


Also, as for allegations that the Rubashkins have stashed money away somewhere - they were not sophisticated enough to do something like that and this is part of the reason for their downfall.

They were a mom and pop operation that could not really deal with modern regulations and financial instruments and strategies; they grew too big without professional management.

Whatever came in was either reinvested into the business or spent or given away. Had they known what they were doing none of this would have happened and they would have been even more successful than they were at the best of times.

Combined with the old (and now, in retrospect, understandable) Russian attitude that the government is your enemy, their old ways meant disaster in this modern business environment.

Of course, today's lefty multiculturalism only excuses the dusky drug dealer for his actions; it does not give any break to a decent family that does business according to the ways of another culture and makes errors of judgment accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Hirshl Tzig...
You (the real you..)are back again!

It is indeed a pleasure to read a well written essay.
Keep it up

Anonymous said...

Finally the american judenrat is getting to understand that the difference between 1928 RSFSR and 2008 USA is not that big.

Unknown said...


What you need to be doing, Tzieg, is apologizing for your mistakes.

I never lived in the home of Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin – or any other Rubashkin family member, for that matter.

I never received any tzedaka or loans or the like from them.

You could have easily known this by asking me and then confirming it with sources I could have given you.

But you did not.


Take these lies you posted down.

And then stick to the issue at hand: should your glatt kosher meat get to your table through geneiva and abuse?

Anonymous said...

Without taking sides, why would Shmarya live by Rubashkin in MN, when he is from Minnesota and has family etc where he could live?
Maybe you are getting carried away in your anger

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


kashe oyf a ma'aseh

Anonymous said...

Shmarya claims that it's not true.Are you saying he is a liar?
"Efshar leverorey"
In this case I believe Shmarya.I've followed his blog and have never caught him lying.When he is proven wrong he acknowledges the fact.He has his own way of seeing "facts" and their interpretation, but he will not lie, especially on something like this that anybody from Minneapolis would know.Nobody, even his biggest haters have ever claimed this

Anonymous said...

I am sure, that shmarya is angry against Rubashkin for a specific reason
or shidduch, or for money issue
something personal happened here
it is impossible that a Jew can hate so much another Jew

Anonymous said...

"It was recently revealed that Rosenberg had been a frequent guest of some members of the Rubashkin Agriprocessors family when they resided in St Paul, Minnesota.[citation needed]"

this is in wilkipedia

Anonymous said...

shmadia is not just a liar, he is a pathological and compulsive one. while lacking any skill, talent or just a redeeming quality, he managed to basically establish a spider-like presence on the web where he invests his entire worthless fulltime to perpetuating lies, half-truths, exaggerations, libels and whatever other pornography tickles his rotten mind. so when you ask whether he's a liar, the answer may not need many equivocues ...

Anonymous said...

It's difficult to believe that any Jew could go this low, even a bitter deranged, lunatic. Just what type of snake are you, Scotty ? You make the kapos look good....

Unknown said...

Tzig –

It is easily verifiable that I did not live at any Rubashkin family home or take any charity from them.

The fact that you will not even try to check this out shows that you are not approaching this rationally.

As for Wikepedia, I'd did not know I had an entry!

I'll have to edit it.

You can also take my picture down. I do not give you permission to use it. Neither does Jewcy.

Anonymous said...

very well put.

Your description of Shmarya/Scotty is accurate and to the point.
It is truly a pity on him. He has lost every redeeming quality and value he ever had.
[Yes, at one time he did have unique qualities and values, but, alas, now he lost them all.]

Anonymous said...


why do you hate Rubashkin like this?

what happened?

Anonymous said...


do you have permission form Rubashkin to post thier pictures?

Anonymous said...

"only excuses the dusky drug dealer"

'dusky'...haven't heard that one in quite a while.

good word, sheygetz

Anonymous said...

Shmarya, a few questions for you. What if there really is a God, and there really is an afterlife in the world-to-come, and fomenting a 'mesira' really is enough to lose your place there.....
Will having lost your place in the world-to-come make your present miserable existence ? Will your vicious screeds substitute for any of life's real joys.....does all the hate really make you happy ?
It seems to me that the best you can wish for now is to go-straight-to-the-refinery for however many generations it may take.... :-)
So go ahead, Shmarya, take that jump !

Anonymous said...

So answer us, Scotty. Why would anybody accuse you of all this?
Did you ever eat meals at Rubashkins?
Did any Rubashkin ever give you a loan?
Did you ever sleep in a Rubashkin house?
You mean to tell us this is all false- all of it?!

Anonymous said...


you wrote to the court that you were friend form Rubashkins for most of 20 years

For sure that you were looking for a shidduch during this time and you were expecting help from Rubashkins

For sure that you went to eat many times to their homes during this time

it is good for you if you say it

Anonymous said...

BREAKING! THREATS MADE AGAINST RUBASHKIN FAMILY – Workers Said To Plan Robberies Of Local Businesses

According to audio of KPLV disc jockey Jeff Abbas interviewing an Agriprocessors' worker a few minutes ago.

Homeless ex-convicts who worked for Rubashkin have been staking out Jewish women who shop in downtown Postville and plan on robbing them and harming them. They have weapons and also plan on attacking laying armed siege to homes of Rubashkin family members.

I'm told the cheder and yeshiva (Jewish schools) have evacuated all students. If this has not been done, it should be done immediately.

All members of the extended Rubashkin family should immediately take precautions. If you need help doing this, call the mayor.

Anonymous said...

FM is reporting that Postville Police have requested reinforcements from surrounding towns. State Police are also on their way.

There are also fears of a full scale riot at the food pantry. The Mayor, Robert Penrod, who is widely viewed as inept, has not requested help from the National Guard. People are trying to convince the Gov. to declare an emergency and send in the Cavalry by executive order!

There are frum men, women & children who could be killed chas vesholom.

Please contact the court appointed receiver for Rubashkin's Agriprocessors. Flood their office with requests to get the checks for back wages in the pipeline before violence erupts:

Getzler Henrich & Associates, LLC
295 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10017
Tel: 212.697.2400
Fax: 212.697.4812

Some non-Jewish residents of Postville are trying to help frum neighbors dismantle their sukkas before the armed criminals use them as markers to target them.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that the MO community for the last few years are campaigning for the Pollard release,
(Look at the offical OU site) even though he was convicted of sabotage and Chilul hashem. Dina Demalchusa is not even discussed.
Is Rubashkin not enough Jew for them? people like Gil Student,Schneur and their ilk were obsessed with the demise of this great mispacha beyisroel. Even Genack(of the OU) stabbed them in the back, all his statements for the media were to look good in the gentile eye, while throwing his own brethren to the dogs.

Anonymous said...

Based on all the facts and fiction involved, Shmadiya can be seriously legally afflicted - if somebody was up to the task, of course.

Most people, of course, would take the high road, saying how it's beneath them. IMHO here is the book case of where it's the wrong approach. The man is a moser vaday who caused tremendous grief to K"Y in general and some very concrete and living families and people. The chance to make him pay - very much legally and very much in public - shouldn't be passed over by those with the means to do so.

Anonymous said...

"Dina Demalchusa is not even discussed."

Lol! How do you have the gall to write this in a post defending the Rubashkins?

Anonymous said...


Please. Scott is not a moiser. He is an unsuccessful, unimportant little man who is being used by the Forward, which itself is an unimportant and unsuccessful little rag.

All he does is reprints nonsense he finds on the Web and adds his own silly spin. The closest he came to mesira (unless you count that he revealed my name in an incorrect fashion when I posted anonymously, which is bad netiquette but hardly mesira, and I laughed it off because he did not get my name right in any case) was his silly letter about Sholom M Rubashkin; no judge reading it could take him seriously. Even when he was written up in (Am) Ha'aretz, most of the comments were along the lines of get a life, meshuggener. Usually, anyone who attacks frumkeit gets a load of supportive comments in the talkback feature of that online schmatte.

Do NOT give him attention here. He should be left to stew in his own juices; soon this will all be forgotten and he will return to his well deserved obscurity, preaching to a choir of misfits just like him and getting their approval for his verbal vomit.

He is unwell, but it seems he cannot be helped nor does he seek help. Instead, he celebrates his unwellness and bitterness by surrounding himself with loserlach of his own ilk.

5W made a mistake when they went down to his level and spammed his blog (BTW I, and not Scott and his supporters, caught that but I did not know who was doing it - I pointed out that it was idiotic and inappropriate the moment I saw a forged post). I made a mistake by ever posting there even though what I posted is the same as what I posted here.

Scott reminds me of an apocryphal story about one of the wannabe Ku Klutz Karta menuvelach, perhaps Chaim Fryman. Someone apparently invites Fryman into his home out of pity, even though Fryman is in cherem. His response: "Chaim is not even important enough to be in cherem"

Same deal with Scott, and as for his being in any sort of cherem even in his shul, I checked with Rabbi Zeilingold before posting there, and he told me on no uncertain terms that Scott is not in cherem.

Nor should he be. Scott Rosenberg belongs in Chelm, not cherem. He is nisht fun allemen, not a moiser. Colloquially, he is a shoiteh; al pi halacha he is a tinok shenishba.

Anonymous said...

"He is nisht fun allemen"
Can you translate what your are trying to say?
Btw, what happened with the Yiddish classes you were busy taking?You are still clueless.

Anonymous said...

He is a lunatic but he puts in danger 6 million Jews in Israel. He was well connected with Hanan Ashrawi and all the Hamas henchmen. He is a full fledge Mussar his philosophy is, that every bus that blows up in Yerushalem with Yidishe Kinderlach (even Reb Arelech) rachmone litzlan, Hashems CHARON AF is decreasing, thats why he helps Chamas etc..

Anonymous said...

The more you see the Misnagdim in full color you reliaze the depth of the chasidish vort that a misnaged has a tzelem in his heart.
Our holy chasidishe rebbes as Reb Moshe Lieb sasover and many others had Mesiras Nefesh for Pidyon Sheviem with no reservations

Anonymous said...

"I checked with Rabbi Zeilingold before posting there, and he told me on no uncertain terms that Scott is not in cherem. "

The very letter that SR cites as "proof" of "excommunication" is clearly anything but a cherem. Even without knowing a thing about him or Rabbi Zeilingold, SR's puffery and self-serving martyrdom complex are obvious. The letter is but a "protest" (Mach'ooh), requesting members of his community to help pressure SR to backtrack from certain statements and actions. In my own community we have used similar tactics to pressure certain individuals into giving Gittin when they refused to do so on their own. We never considered it a Cherem in any way. Since R. Zeilingold never uses that term or any similar reference it is patently fraudulent to refer to his letter as such.

Der Shygetz said...


Exactly, CR. Rabbi Z cannot possibly put him in cherem without a full beis din. I just wanted to confirm with Rabbi Z because I thought it would be worth it to post on the site considering my own experiences with Scott.

And nisht fun alemen is an old expression for crazy that I have heard a few times. It describes Scott to a T; this I say after having met him in the (horse)flesh.

Anonymous said...

The penalty for committing mesirah is more than just losing Olam HaBa; is is eternal damnation in Gehinom [Hell], as is taught in: tractate Rosh HaShanah, page 17A, 8 to 19 lines from top of the page; Rambam, Hilchot Teshuvah (Laws of Repentance), Chapter 3, Paragraph 6; Tosefta on tractate Sanhedrin, Chapter 13, Paragraph 2 of 2; and Sefer Chafetz Chaim, Volume 1, Chapter (Clal) 8, Paragraph 12.