Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chaim Grade on the Big Screen

part I

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Anonymous said...

Would you post an article of total kfira written by a total apikores on your blog?
Why is this different?

Bmichilas kevodcha hershel, what you are posting here can be a michshal to others.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

excuse me, but I think that Hirshel, the frum one, comes out on top, no? I realize that the other side's taynes are presented here, but nothing very shocking and nothing new.

Anonymous said...

"I realize that the other side's taynes are presented here, but nothing very shocking and nothing new."

Nothing shocking to YOU, and nothing new to YOU. There are other people that might have B"H never have been exposed to this type of kefira, and your need to feel so fest can cause others to to be nichshal.

Listen, if its more important to you to have this very geshamaker video on your blog than thinking about what this can be doing to others, Than go knock yourself out.
For some one second of pleasure on this world IS INDEED worth way more than all of alom habah, enjoy!

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

oh come on! every young adult knows that yidden left yiddishkeit after suffering during ww2, and they know why too. There's nothing in these clips that nobody's never heard of, unless you lived in a cave all your life.

I'm having a hard time understanding why you're so upset.

Anonymous said...

Again, not very person thinks this is not new or shocking. Like I said there are some people that have NOT been exposed to this kfira. To a person like YOU who who is immune to this, this may do nothing to your brain. But there was a first time for you. Today you might be a part of giving that first time to others (and maybe that makes you proud, after all.."you gotta educate them sometime"). There are people that have been exposed to little seeds of kfira at some point that eventualy went off. No, Im not living in a cave, Im living in the U.S. tristate area, 2008 ,and this is VERY true even today. I deal with teenagers AND ADULTS who are not religious today because of things they have read and seen at one point or another.

Maybe comparing it to pornagraphy is more of a language that you can understand. Think about it.
Is it worth it?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

anon 12:11

i don't beleive you deal with youth/adults that have gone off.

Because I have, and have spoken to more then one PROMINENT and well respected askonim in this area.

And to a man (and women) they agree that of the hundreds and hundreds of Faloirena that they have collectively dealt with, not a one have 'gone off' because off what they have seen or heard in a book/movie/tv/college professor etc.

WHAT THEY HAVE GONE OFF FROM is from abuse/misuse/mistreatment from parents/melamdim/supposed role models who have lied to them, and from having lacked a safe, nuturing environment that they would (as most sane people) want to emulate as adults.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS....... Sigmund the great michanech says let your kids read, watch, and do anything they want, as long you dont abuse them. In fact dont put filters on your computers, and go ahead and order cable TV. We live in a new generation, and we have now know better than the gedolim and mechanchim of yesteryear (those old fools).

How screwed up can a guy be??
edited for inappropriate personal attacks

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Who would think satmar with all their hatred of chabad would take a stand about הגאון?

Anonymous said...

may I extend a רפואה שלימה
to anon.

What makes you think that when 'chasidim' or the "Besh't" and his talmidim are attacked that is is something thats belonging in the Chabad domain? And an attack on the Besh't is an attack on 770 Eastern Pkwy?

FYI: Satmar at the hight of its fight with the Lub Rebbe didn't hate "chabad!" Satmar Rebbe qouted 100's of times the Tanya in his Torah's. The fight was over how the lub Rebbe is behaving.

To extract from this that Satmar hate/hated chabad is crazy [thats why you need a refuah]

The previous Satmar Rebbe and the present are decedents of the Baal Ha'Tanya

Anonymous said...

That story on shturm/matzav about RAT of satmar not meeting 2 people who gave a haskama on Hagoen is impossible to be true since in my edition of the sefer (I am very proud owner of one) there is no haskama. Nor is there a haskama in any other edition. Typical chabadsker P.R. based on total lies. (why they make up stories that can be varified as lies is beyond the rest of us klal yisroels understanding)

Anonymous said...

Sigmund said "of the hundreds and hundreds of Faloirena that they have collectively dealt with, not a one have 'gone off' because off what they have seen or heard in a book/movie/tv/college professor etc."

What a Naar!!!!

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Matzav made up the story, IIRC, so stop blaming Chabad, and stop thinking that "Klal Yisroel" means only you and your buddies.

Anonymous said...

Tzig, you don't recall correctly, http://www.shturem.org/index.php?section=news&id=31260
Stop blaming matzav. I think klal yisroel is any group who doesn't think they are the לב of klal yisroel, with the rest of the yidden being only אברים. The one group that does think they are the לב of klal yisroel, is ironically the same group that was הוציא את עצמם מן הכלל

There is only one group in klal yisroel that can't say "we have more in common with each other, than different from each other", and sorry, but you with your sick עין רע chose to become part of them.

Anonymous said...

Ha, I'm wondering what other news Shtusem fakes that's not so obvious!!!

Maybe lying about St. Mary is their Nekama for getting beat the hell out of them in Willi on Simchas Torah. Let's not forget the Nasi's explanation, CH has streets name Kingston = Nalchus, Union = Achdus, Willi has division, lee (hebrew for me)

Anonymous said...

HT said:"Matzav made up the story, IIRC, so stop blaming Chabad, and stop thinking that "Klal Yisroel" means only you and your buddies."

The following is from shturem.org posted this Monday:
An unusual meeting took place last night in Bnei Brak close to midnight. Rabbi Shimon Elituv, of Yerushalayim, spoke privately with the Satmar Rebbe at his residence. The conversation was about the spiritual and material state of the Jews in Argentina. Rabbi Elituv served as Rov in Argentina, and there is a large Satmar community there as well.

The Satmar Rebbe admires Rabbi Elituv's work with at risk youth and remarked that this is the call of the hour-to find ways to open various programs for them and instill in them a love for Torah and Chassius.

The Satmar Rebbe was interested to know where Rabbi Elituv learned his fluent Yiddish, and Rabbi Elituv explained that he learned Yiddish from the Sefer Maamorim 5701-02 when he was a young talmid in Tomchei Tmimim in Lod.

Two prominent Torah figures also wanted to meet with the Satmar Rebbe but were not given an appointment since they gave their approbation to the book "Hagaon" that is disrespectful of the Baal Shem Tov and his successors.

19 Cheshvan 5769 "

Eat that Tzig.

Now Im gonna wait to see what type of twisted pathetic answer only a robot chabadsker like you can give.

BTW, When I say Klal yisroel I mean me and my buddies. What can I do if my buddies are all of Klal Yisroel. Now, If Klal yisroel doesnt consider you to be part of Klal Yisroel dont blame Klal yisroel.

Anonymous said...

Anon @6:00pm You were right Satmar didn't do the "we are talmidie habashet" and we hate the misnagdim lubavitch crybaby song, it's all a big lie.

Anonymous said...

"Matzav made up the story, IIRC, so stop blaming Chabad, and stop thinking that "Klal Yisroel" means only you and your buddies."

Baruch Hashem there still is someone Hershy is still dan lkaf zchus

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:25 said: "what a naar"

I'm overwhelmed by your briliance. However, I won't denigrate Na'runim with returning the invective back towards its source. If you've got something to say in response to what I quoted from others, by all means.

To Chaim, unfortunate that the education your parents gave you hasn't enabled you to examine a thought with much more subtlety than a five year old.

What I said was they "haven't gone off from", meaning the primary cause of them 'turning off' from yiddishkeit. Meaning, no one, that has a good dose of self esteem, and a healthy attitude towards himself and others is looking to 'turn on'. He is not spending his time looking for devious ways to "pleasure" himself.

The real Na'aranim is anyone who thinks that Kol Koirahs and padlocks on doors and 'watchdogs' on computers will somehow protect them from the cruel world out there. I did not say to place razor blades in childrens hands. But responsibilty towards children is more then posting rules on a bulletin board.

BTW, I am not a mechnech, far from it. I do, however, have expertise in technology. And you and anon are the jack***es if you think that you've insulated yourself.

Ask the Dayan in Boro Park who came to a meeting to decry the present Matzav, was "haking a Tzanig' about hechsherim on cell phones, until one of the participants asked for the Dayan's KUSHER cell phone, and in 5 minutes had him 'on-line'.

The line of attack they are using(Rabbunim, Rosh Hayeshivas, Gedoilim, call them whatevver you want) is not gonna work, and it's not working. Because, as usual, they are attacking the symptons and not the disease. And we have been lulled to sleep with these idiotic stories of masmidim and future geonim who have 'been led astray' by accidently, one fine day, 'peeking' at the internet, And there, their descent to hell began.

To paraphase Twersky, a kid (or adult) that puts garbage (drugs, alchohol, pornography, etc) into himself, does so only if he perceives himself as a garbage can. And if he perceives himself as such, its because that's the messege that was drilled into him/her by those responsible for molding him.

Arthur said...

A translation of a letter sent by Rav YB Soloviecik Z"L to Rav Moshe Duber Rivkin Z"L about Rav Rivkin's sefer "Kuntres Ashkavte Derebbi" which describes the events leading up to and the actual Histalkus of the Rebbe RASHA"B.I thought you migt find it of interest.

Erev Rosh ha-Shana, 5715

Honored friend, the great and brilliant rabbi, (gefen aderet) a pride to Israel, our esteemed teacher and Rabbi, Moshe Duvber Rivkin, shlita,

Blessings and greetings,

I received your letter. I am pressed to respond to it immediately, for wherever the shadow of slander is cast, the expeditious are quick to rectify the distortion and uncover the truth. I was deeply disturbed that your mind was agitated due to a mutilated and twisted report. You were informed of only an incomplete account, a partial statement. What actually occurred was as follows: When I received your book, I dedicated a good deal of time to it, and studied it all- which is out of character for me- with utmost seriousness. There are three reasons for my interest in your writings.

1. I profoundly respect you, and all that you write I will read with interest.

2. I possess a special fondness for the Lubavitch movement. As I speak, I recall the visions of my youth, paved with the pure impressions of childhood, enveloped by romantic splendor. Patriarchal images still hover before me, crowned with ancient glory. Behold, the likeness of my mentor, R. Barukh Ya'akov Reisberg, z'l, appears to me. I can still picture his facial expression, which radiated both solemnity and intelligence, as well as sweep and imagination. To this day, I hear his voice in the silence of the twilight, sad, saturated with sorrow and longing, his words emerging from the distance- words full of passion and fascination regarding his stay in Lubavitch during his youth. I still carry in the recesses of my soul, the image of the Alter Rebbe which gazed upon us, (tinokot shel beit rabban) from the whitewashed walls of the heder, a broad forehead, commanding intelligence, deep eyes gazing at Divine infinite distances, fastened upon wondrous visions. The beard which flowed upon his garments enchanted us with its majesty and mystery. My eyes still perceive the portrait of the Tzemah Tzedek, robed in white, who in our childhood fantasy appeared to us as the high priest exiting the Holy of Holies. My ears still detect strange sounds, both pleasant and appealing, detached phrases and scattered words uttered by the "hozrim" by dim candlelight during the long winter nights, referring to "all-encompassing lights" and "returning lights," concealment and revelation, internal love and the soul of Israel hewn from the celestial throne. As I continue to dream, I see the image of elderly hasidim on the night of Shemini Atzeret, dancing around my father and teacher of blessed memory in a quick rhythmic beat. Images such as these will not be erased from my heart; they are deeply rooted in the mystery of my being. Therefore, all that is written regarding this great movement is of enormous interest to me.

3. Your work fascinated me because of its unique character. I found in it a paradoxical blend of intellect and emotion, two traits which as a rule do not merge well. On the one hand I found sharp, clear halakhic logic, pleasing and accurate comments based upon subtle analysis. You use this to pinpoint the focal points of each and every issue. In a word, I found first-class Lithuanian lomdut. On the other hand, I encountered hasidic passion, with emotional excitement and honest, faithful devotion to the hasidic masters, which reaches the level of pure and rockfast faith in the righteous.

In the presence of friends and students I dealt with this phenomenon. I praised your book and related its wondrous characteristic, halakhic rigor and hasidic joy joined in harmony. As proof and example of this dualism which encompasses his entire work, I quoted your comments regarding the ritual defilement of kohanim via contact with graves of the righteous. I noted to those gathered, that the halakhist is wrestling with the faithful hasid. It is self-evident to the former that any grave defiles, irrespective of who was interred therein; there is no room here for sentimentality or a sense of veneration. However, the hasidic personality desires to be lenient regarding this issue. I believe that I subsequently stressed how you express astonishment regarding the custom of certain kohanim prostrating themselves over the graves of the righteous, but nevertheless both understands as well as senses the emotional need which drives them to it. The mind and the heart struggle, and the author admits the legitimacy of both. Believe me, my friend, that this schism- thought and feeling- sunders my soul as well. At times I tend to listen to the murmur of my heart. A strand of hasidut [hasidism] is buried deep within me.

Unfortunately, I still have not been able to properly study your work. My preoccupation prior to the days of grace and mercy overwhem me, and I hope to return to it later. However, I am confident that everything which flows from the pen of a great individual such as your honor is both proper and pleasing.

Please accept my blessing for the renewal of the year. May you be inscribed and sealed instantly in the book of the righteous for a year of life, peace and prosperity. May we all be privileged to fulfill the verse, "with trumpets and the sound of the shofar raise a shout before the Lord, the King" [Ps. 98:6].

Your friend, who admires and respects you,
Yosef Dov ha-Levi Soloveitchik

Anonymous said...

Yes, sigmund IS a Naar.
He wants people to explain him why what he is saying is foolish and twisted. Did you ever try explaining something to a Naar?

Here you have some punk who is probably a plumber or an electrician at best, who steps on rabonim and gedolim, (of course he knows better than those dummies) and goes ahead to offer his "das torah" on how to be mechanech kids.

My message to the Naar is this: Yes we know you probably never made it through High School, And its obvious that you think the world would be better if people would consider you the plumber the Daad torah of our time. (How much better yiddishkite would be if all those black coats would just dissapear and be replaced with the likes of guys like me).

Sigmund, The reason you can stand mechanchim, rabonim, Gedolim of today is because you cant stand fighting the yeszer horah.

Anonymous said...

"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundral"

Samuel Johnson

"Daas Torah is the last refuge of a fool"


Thanks for proofing my point. You exhausted yourself writing three paragraphs about (what you believe is)daas torah, gedolim and black coats. But not one word directed at the issue.

You are correct. Your view reflects so-called daas torah and what YOU call 'the gedolim' and the vast majority of Rabbonim. Far removed from the harsh reality.

A Dank the few mechanchim and Rabbonim (Too few) that have the common sense to be pathfinders and not Nuch Loifers.

Stay warm in your cacoon while the world (and your children) burn around you.

PS - your the second guy on this blog that can't read. I did not offer my opinions, rather reported what was heard from THOSE IN THE TRENCHES. A place you, I am sure, would not soil your hands by stepping into.

Hershel, may I suggest a literacy test for posters!

Abarbanel said...

Rebbe Reb Hersh

By posting Chaim Grade's quarrel you declare, I guess, that you are no more anti-tzemac.