Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tehillim Needed

(Reuters Photo - scene of attack in Mumbai, India)


Please say Tehillim for the Shluchim to Mumbai, India, and all involved, Gavriel Noach ben Freida Bluma Rivkah bas Yehudis and their son Moshe Tzvi Ben Rivkah. There's been no word from them for hours, r"l.


5 Jewish families taken hostage, r"l.


I have also read that the Volover Rov's son, a SIL of the Toldos Avrohom Yitzchok Rebbe, and his fellow mashgiach Reb Bentzion Kruman are also trapped in the Beis Chabad, aka Nariman House.


Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Commandos will be going to the vicinity of the Chabad House within the next
20 minutes...

Anonymous said...
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Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

wow, the morons never do rest on their laurels...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you are not only a sick dude - and most likely, as the Gemara states and ruled in Shulchan Aruch re people lacking in the 3 midos of rachmonim etc., of questionable Jewish identity and descent. Tzei tome!

Anonymous said...


Today at 09:59 PM Hashem, The Rebbe protects his shluchim! Says:

May the rebbe watch over his kinder and bring us good update real soon!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Rabboisai, as a frequent visitor to Mumbai and guest of Reb Gavriel I can testify that he is a “taireh yid”, a talmid chochom, an emmeser oisek b’tzorchei tzibur b’emunah, a machnis orach in the spirit of Avrohom Avinu who makes every yid of every stripe, feel welcome and at home. I am a litvisher yid and, honestly, had some misgivings about spending Shabbos at a Chabad house before my first visit. They were quickly laid to rest when I experienced Gabi’s varmkeit, saw how he feired tish and talked with him in learning. He is an “old school” Chabad chossid and I’m honored to have become his friend. Please join me in being mispallel for his well being and that of his rebbetzin.

Anonymous said...

You piece of ---- lowlife snag can't begin to understand the zechus of שלוחו כמותו of the צדיק הדור, it is the highest level of being מתדבק בצדיק the sole purpose of your existence.

אפילו א קליפת נוגה ביסט דו נישט

Anonymous said...

What kind of twisted creature [anon 9:24] must one be to be able to, at this time when a Jew - ANY JEW, not to mention a young couple and their infant who live a life of self-sacrifice for the sole purpose of enhancing their fellow Jewish brethren's [piritual and physical] well-being - very life and safety is still uncertain spew drivel about their personal misgivings [valid or not] about a particular school of thought with they are disenchanted.

If that is your Judaism i want no part of it.

Anonymous said...

mother and son came out

Anonymous said...

I agree with Zera Avrohom who questions the lineage of the anonymous creature who thinks its funny to knock a Jewish family with guns to their heads. My Rebbe exuded Ahavas Yirsoel and would surely give you the benefit of the doubt but alas I am not so pure and holy.

So this I tell you, goy menuval, go slip in the shower and crack your skull open or do something else useful to save klal yisroel from your poison. You make me sick.

Seriously dog, you had nothing better to say at this time. Shame on the parents who brought you in this world.

Tzig, if you don’t print this comment you lost a faithful reader to this blog. Its as simple as that

Anonymous said...

It's not mother and son, but goyish maid with the Rabbi's son, as well as the goyish cook - who escaped into ambulance.

Just of late, the Commando Police broke in to the building.

The shluchim are inside, according to the maid, and in need of our Tehillim now!

Hashem Hoshiya.. b'Yom Koreinu!

Anonymous said...

This is not a time to allow nasty comments.You shouldn't have allowed anon 9:24 and the responses.
When yidden are in pikuach nefesh it's not a time to bicker.

Anonymous said...

Global tzores and tragedies in the global age!

My mind reels. There IS a connection between the showdowm in Postville and the one in Mumbai (used to be called Bombay). They are so close in time to each other. They share so many commonalities. A Yid is in prison and others are forced out of their parnossah in one place and in another Yidden are attacked and taken as hostages mamash.

The various factions that fought the fight to shut down the Rubashkin operation in Postville are kindred spirits of, and the same mashchisim as, the animals that have now "fought" to fight to a tragic standstill a puny Chabad House in India that was only doing good.

Was Postville such a threat to all those that sought its shut-down? No! On the contrary. Did anyone suffer from the work of the Chabad House in Mumbai? No! On the contrary, like Postville that fed millions of Jews from the middle of nowhere (as it gave parnossah to thousands of gentiles, not just in Iowa but all over) the Chabad House in Mumbai is in an even bigger nowhere as an oasis of Yiddishkeit and hachnosas orchim for any Jew (including the parnosah it gave to those Indians who worked for and with it.)

To all those who felt smug and self-righteous about the demise of the Rubashkins in Postville Iowa, take a good look at how your actions are mirrored by the terrorists as they crush the life out of the Chabad House in Mumbai. Hashem yerachem!

Anonymous said...

I was in Mumbai this year on business. A city from Dante's hell, fulthy and crowded beyond a westerners nightmares. There is no kosher food or minyan in Mumbai, so i went to the Chabad house. They have 3 minyanim a day and after every meal the shaliach and his wife serve meals. There are 20 to 50 people eating there per meal, mostly traveling Israelis and businessmen, many frei. I asked Rabbi Holtzberg "where do you get the food from?" He replied "I shecht 100 chickens a week to serve 400 fleishig meals, and my wife cleans them. Sincve theres no pas yisroel here my wife bakes bread . (for about 800 people per week) every bit of food is home made."
They ask for no money and charge nothing. By every meal he says a dvar torah, to inspire the orchim. Avraham Avinu would be proud of Rabbi Holtzberg
May hashem who rescued Avraham from Nimrod's furnace save the shaliach and his family

Anonymous said...

I can also attest to Rav Gavriel and Rivkah. I go there often and have been with them since they arrived in India. They have undergone incredible nisyonos. I pray to hear good news. It's not a dangerous place. I have never experienced an ounce of anti-semitism there.

This is just another example of HALOCHO --- Eysov Soneh es Ya'acov.

What next, blame the Jews for the problems in Kashmir?

Anonymous said...

Reportedly, and I stress REPORTEDLY, the Volover Rov's son and an associate, in Mumbai on Kashrus business, are among the hostages.

So for anan 10:16, if you feel more comfortable saying Tehillim for a non-Lubavitcher, you may now do so.

BTW, CBT, as always, most lucid and articulate. One correction, though. Mumbai is not a "nowhere". Nebech, there are HUNDREDS of Israeli youth that wander thru there looking for "spiritual enlightement". Shluchim like the Holtzbergs (Hashem Yishmereim V'Yechiem) are are there to try to reel them back.

Anonymous said...

Ynet learns couple lost its eldest son two years ago,7340,L-3629450,00.html

Anonymous said...


I am anon at 9:24, please remove my despicable comment, I should not have written it, now is not the time for jokes, yes I am saying tehilim for them and the for other Jews trapped there.

Anonymous said...

Tzig please remove my comment at 9:24

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Acheinu Kol Bais Yisroel

Tehillim in Beth Medrash Govoha for Yidden in Mumbai
Posted: 27.NOV.08
Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ, the largest yeshiva in North America, will be holding a massive atzeres tefillah at 1:30 p.m. "l'acheinu bnei Yisroel b'eretz hodu," to pray for the welfare of all those who have been affected by the terrible events in India. All our asked to say Tehillim for R' Gavriel Noach ben Freida Blumah (R' Gabby Holtzberg); Rivkah bas Yehudis (Mrs. Rivky Holtzberg); R' Aryeh Leib ben Elta Nechama Maltshi (R' Leibish Teitelbaum, son of the Volover Rov of Boro Park and son-in-law of the Toldos Avrohom Yitzchok Rebbe of Yerushalayim); and Bentzion ben Elka (R' Bentzion Chroman).

Anonymous said...

was relative a safe town until now

Anonymous said...

VIN is reporting that the emissaries were killed. Let's hope it's not true.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Copied from VIN....

Mumbai - Outrage. Anger. Pain. Tears.

No words.

What can we even say?

How can we fathom a two-year-old who won’t see Ima again ad ki yavo Shilo?

How can we comprehend two ehrliche mashgichim catching a simple maariv on business who will never come home?

And how can we even begin to understand the loss of the kedoshim, Rabbi and Rebbetzin Gavriel and Rivkah Holtzberg, who lost their own lives after a holy career of giving of their own lives? And before 30?

Ribbono shel Olam…

Today, we are all Toldos Aharon Yitzchok Chasidim. Today, we are all Israeli. Today, we are all Chabad. No distinctions. Just Jews.

Perhaps an even bigger tragedy is that it took this tragedy to bring us together.

We might not know what to say. But now we know what to do. Stick together.

Because there was a little house, in a corner of the world most of us never heard of, where Ahavas Yisroel lived.

Now, that Ahavas Yisroel lives on. In our houses. In our hearts. It must. The victims would have it no other way.

What to do? Carry on.

Because if we become afraid, they won. If we are crushed, they won. If we remain depressed, they won. If we let this destroy our lives, they won.

If we do the opposite, we win. And they lose.

So let’s win. Let’s continue. Let’s march forward. Let’s continue doing everything we always did.

But let’s do more than that. Let’s give more tzedakah. Let’s learn more Torah. Let’s be more tolerant, less dismissive, of each other.

Let’s fight darkness with light.

We did it for the past two days. We can, we must, continue.

Above all, let us not be afraid. Let us hold our heads high. Let us walk the streets victorious. We are Jews. We are one. We are proud. And they can never destroy us.

They have death. We have life. They await the Gates of Hell. We embrace the gifts of Heaven.

They have Al Qaeda. We have “al tira.”

Forward! March!

Anonymous said...

change post title to Tehillim Wasted

Anonymous said...

Tehillim? what's that?

The Bray of Fundie said...

it's never wasted. We don't understand the dynamics of prayer.

Anonymous said...

Tthere is no good news tonight, motzoei Shabbos in Australia. HaRav HaKodesh R' Gavriel Holtzberg and his holy wife were neharag al kiddush hashem, and from the news reports I have read it appears that all the other kedoshim with them were also slaughtered. Hashem yinkom dam avodov hashopuch.