Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New "e-mail only" option!

In the spirit of the Internet Asifa @ Citifield, and being that I listen to Daas Torah in all its forms, I have decided to add an "e-mail only" option, where you can have new posts e-mailed to you and do not need to go online anymore. I too am concerned about your spiritual well being, not just the filter companies... You will have to go to the blog one last time and sign up, though. It's in the right sidebar, a little bit down towards the bottom. Once you enter your e-mail address you will immediately get an email to that account and will asked to verify the address. It will take all of six seconds. ניט מער.  In the spirit of full disclosure I also must admit that one of the things that brought this on, beside for being asked specifically on several occasions, is that I've learned that this humble site has been blocked by certain filters. Yes, the "filteree" must explicitly ask to have all blogs blocked, but still. This cannot be allowed to happen. The channels of communication must remain open and unimpeded.  The last and lone voice of sanity must be heard.


Twistelton-twistelton said...

How many requests have you gotten so far?

K'moi Kein said...

Will we get to see the comments?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

no, you will not see the comments. sorry. And blogger doesn't have the option of being notified of follow-up comments to your comments to your comment, by email. At least I don't think they do.

sucher said...

The last and lone voice of sanity must be heard.
are you for real???

בּטל'ן said...

Hirshel, I've seen one of your comment writers on the FM cursed blog, he now morphed under a new pseudonym as זרע לבטלה how appropiate no?. Oh! and even stranger he is now defending satmar!?.. I guess you can say בטלה מביאה לידי שיעמום

!א"כּ, מה הועילו חכמים בתקנתם

!נקי מכל said...

!הבּית הזה מחטמו ולמעלה הוא נקי מכל

The Bray of Fundie said...

אחת דיבר רב ווזנר שתים זו שמעתי

IDK said...

The Bray of Fundie said...
אחת דיבר רב ווזנר שתים זו שמעתי

Was it בּדיבּר אחד ממש, או שתי אמורות

And I don't even hear the daily דיבר

בכל יום ויום בת קול יוצאת מהר חורב, ומכרזת ואומרת: אוי להם לבריות מעלבונה של תורה

And some hear even without a דיבר
at all!

אין אומר ואין דברים בלי נשמע קולם אולם, בכל הארץ יצא קוום

so what's up with that? IDK