Thursday, June 24, 2010

One more...

I forgot this one yesterday.

The tatte still had the large tefillin fin der alter heim, the kids already not.
The eyniklach nebech think that we're making fun of their family; they think we're Bobover cheder yinglach here. They don't realize how the elder Twerskis are respected throughout the world, in all kreizen, for all they've accomplished in the world, and for steadfast commitment to Torah and Chassidus. I'm sorry that they lost the Twerski touch. It would've been nice if it had continued another generation or two.

Oh well

(Thank You, Amshinover. And Google, too!)


Anonymous said...

Funny Tzig,

You can joint the cool aid club and throw out mesoras ovois which every mashpia in the world makes fun of and the Rebbe encouraged people to drop, but anyone else that does it - ayy an avle ...

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

say it again, slowly this time.

what can I do?

do you know my Mesoras Avos at all? it was long fdropped by the time I was born, lots of it anyway.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

this is about the comment I made about the tefillin?

dovy said...

awesome pictures tzig. thanx!
Your friend,

Russian Chusid said...

ye ye, tfilin.. same storry-i have such tfilin and my son does not-- es se lavi :)

joke: Twerskis stayed frim l"hachis Kedushas Tzion-L'HACHIS IS A GROICE COACH :)

Rymanover said...

Too bad they didn't continue. I thought it would. They could have been the model for American chasiddus
We all now what the version we have now looks like.

The Danny Thomas pictures are unbelievable and very timely.
I remember Danny Thomas who was Lebanese and his good works especially with the St-Jude hospital.

With the hullabaloo with Helen Thomas who is also of Lebanese extraction, I was wondering if Danny Thomas had the same politics.
This doesn't answer the question but still to help a Chassidc Jew who goes on to help thousands of people is definitely a zchus for him.

This also answers my curiosity how the Twerskis looked when they went to University, I imagined they were modern looking especially growing up in the Midwest and afterwards they put on the chassishe clothing. to go to a jesuiit university in full regalia was a kiddush Hashem of immense proportions.

These pictures are mechayev all those who have not allowed our best & brightest to get an education because of fear of outside influence
This was the 50's when this levush was an oddity especially in the Midwest. In NYC who cares how you dress..
Our youth still want to partake in the American dream, we have not given them the proper tools. They enter the culture through its lowest forms - movies,tv,gambling &. See Dr.Fried's cri de couer in Hakirah Dr. Fried is in the same category. He looks like a rebbe. Long white beard , chassidsher malbishim.

All the discussion of our at risk youth is so frustrating when no one dares to discuss the root of the problem.
We condemn our children to a life of boredom, when we tell them that you must sit and learn and not do anything else
Our children are curious, bright and ambitious. We quelch this at at a young age.
Whoever bucks societal norms and goes ahead and gets a degree then we forget how they became a professional.
Everyone likes to go to a heimishe doctor,lawyer accountant etc. מיט וועמן מ'קען רעדן .
As time marches on we retreat further behind the walls. Secular studies are dropped ot denigrated.
Our walls are porous and our children will partake of the American dream in the fashion that they will decide.
We have failed them.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what was meant about the eineklach. I'm one of them. I'll speak out a bit, but first some introductions.

This photo, left to right:

The bochur is R' Aharon Twerski, Law professor at Brooklyn Law School.

The Zaide ZT"L. He is wearing large tefillin. I believe these are the tefillin of the Me'or Einayim, Reb Nochum Chernobler.

Sitting next to him is Reb Motel Z"L, who lived in Flatbush, a CPA. He had lived in Crown Heights on Empire Blvd. for many years.

Reb AJ standing.

The Zaide prided himself that he raised even aineklach that followed his ways and the derech of his zaide (Zaide Reb Mottele of Hornesteiple).

B"H all are frum, and continue to provide nachas to the zaides of previous generations.

As for the issues with the Kedushas Tzion of Bobov, the less said the better. There was quite a bit of story that would have probably made for a good movie. However, the three individuals who knew the most information and details (the zaide, the babbe, and the Ruv Reb Shloimele) who survived the war refused to ever discuss it. The family relationships were restored as if nothing had ever happened. Many of us aineklach heard brief, passing comments, and some of us think we know something. But a complete story, none of us.

And none of us consider anything about "lehach'is" about the Bobover Zaide - the Kedushas Tzion ZT"L. Most of us have maintained connection to Bobov, some at 48, some at 45, some without specific affiliation. But all look at the Bobov Yichus with appropriate respect.

Shmilu said...

Anonymous Eynikel,
You are a class act! Respectful but not naive.I knew one of your cousins in Chicago he too was a class act, though he never went to college he was extremely knowledgeable in secular subjects and it goes without saying that he was a nice talmid chochom a talmid of both Philly and Lakewood and always proud to dress with the full chasidishe levish

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

anonymous 1:19am

There was a comment adressed to a "family memeber" where the guy acted disrespectful to a man he called his uncle. I figure he's an eynikel who isn't happy that said family member supplied me with information about RAJT. That made me think that despite being cut from that cloth that this eynikel is not like the others, he seems to be embarrassed by his zeide, or at least wants to keep it under wraps.

In any case we very much appreciate your input here

Anonymous said...

The Milvaker Rebbe had some disagreements with his shver the Kedushas Zion and left Bobowa for Krakow where he lived for a few years. During that period the famous Rabbi Meir Shapiro of Lublin would come to his tish on friday nights when he was shabbos in Krakow, to show his respect for the Rebbe.

It is to be noted that the Milvaker Rebbe had planned to send his sons to Bobov to learn but the situation in Europe didn't allow it.

The Rebbe zt'l was a very noble person and was respected by many gedolim including the Rabbe Rayat"z who on occasion expressed that by telling the Rebbe's son Reb Shlomo from Denver zt'l when they discussed an issue that rather than seeking his counsel he should discuss the question with his father the Rebbe zt'l.

The Rebbe zt'l was held in high regard by his Shvugger the Bobover Rebbe zt"l and would sing his special Kol Mekadesh whenever he came to the Bobover ruv's tish.
The Bobover Ruv's son the great Reb Naftulcha zt'l lived in Milwaukee by der feter and mime when his father the Bobover Ruv got remarried. Both sons Reb Naftali and his brother Reb Benzion shlita current Bobover Rebbe came to milwaukee for the levayah of the rebetzin Devorah Leah obm.

Reb Naftulcha zt'l gave a hesped on the "mime" and said he considered her his mother since his mother hy"d perished in holocaust.

Anonymous said...

To Rymanover

Rabbi Dr. Aaron Twerski shlit"a is very well educated as we all know. A world class academic and Law Professor and very well respected in the legal world. His children sons and sons in laws are all talmidei chachamim, rabanim, rebeim, etc.not one of them went to college!

the some goes for his brother's family Reb Michel Shlita of milwaukee.

Rymanover said...

To Anonymous 3:44

I am very well aware of Prof. Twerski and the fact that the eyniklech are frum and chasidish.
My point was that the brothers Twerski could have been the template for American Chassidus. Educated, Chassidish and proud of it.
Today ignorance and intolerance is in vogue.
Not to mention names. One of the eyniklech is the keeper of the gate to one of the Bobover mosdos and is a hardliner and intolerant.
To many of us the Twerskis were and are an inspirement.
The next generation has assimilated into the chassidic masses. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

To Rymanover,

No one likes to be the 'only one' as proof by Lubavitch having such a complex about not being accepted in the broader chassidish world.

The Twerski ayniklach didn't want to be another generation of outcasts in their home towns and without anyone of their own outlook for their children to play with or having the chinuch they wanted for their kids....

Secondly, we are living in a different world to the world of those days....

The only solution was to 'join the brooklyn mob.....'

Rymanover said...

So, the Twerskis have joined the Brooklyn mob. It seems that Bobov in general has swung to the right. What is the brand differentiation between Bobov and the Hungarian clans? Tolerance and openeness seems to be athing of the past. They've become another planet in the Satmar solar system. The Rebbes are not terribly atractive(in a rebbe way) or inviting and Satmarers have more fun. What does the Bobov brand offer?

Anonymous said...

I was once when Prof Aron Twersky got up to speak by a family Shabbos Sheva Berachos meal , the whole talk was aimed to malign the secular academic world. that they have noting to offer us. that us chasidishe yidden are doing great without the influence of academia, we should continue that path to success.

Rymanover said...

Say it ain't so, Aron.
I believe you that he said it but the Prof doesn't believe his own words.
Would he rather have had a job at 47th st. Photo or was he looking to the Frischwassers and Sterns, thinking that he suffered in school and look at what they've achieved without education. Has he not helped yidden through the Agudah and in many other ways with his law degree? Hasn't Dr. AJT helped thousands of people through his rehab centre,books,columns etc.
By the way,where's the success?
McMansions in Monsey? Grotesque monstrosities in Boro Park?
Tomchei Shabbos booming? Planeloads of schnorrers from Israel? Debt crisis? Kids at risk? Tuition crisis?

Anonymous said...

You are a little hyped up with your argument,
Tomchei shabbos booming, are we worse off then secular jews? we have large families,that a $75.000 job for being a licensed dentist will not help you much anyway.
Debt crisis, the whole universe is in a debt crisis, millions of houses are foreclosed in the USA only, why is this a charidie problem? you are fuming for no good reason

Rymanover said...

Ok, Mr. Anonymous
As I'm hyped up and fuming for no good reason.
please outline charedi successes.

Are we worse off than secular jews are? Are you serious? A licenced dentist mskes alot more than $75,000. Even if he doesn't, isn't it better than having a dead end job? Its better than being on welfare. I think so.
And about those large families. Is that a success, when many families are being plagued by kids OTD.
The system is great for the sheyner yidden. The bonshoks and nursing home/real estate crowd.

Anonymous said...

Thank G-d my grandpa left chassidus behind when he arrived at Ellis Island!