Friday, July 2, 2010

Disturbed In Lakewood

So here I was enjoying my leil shishi after a long day's work and he had to go and ruin it for me. Yankle, that is. Here in New Hempstead the weather was absolutely perfect, "divine," if you will, or as it were, and I wanted to enjoy it, even at the expense of my blogging buddies, which is why I've been slacking off in that regard. But it looks like fun himmel hut men andersh gevolt, they wanted me to write. So here I am, telling you what I think, during the three weeks, and even if "Gedolim" are involved.

Here's the comment as Yankle said, unedited, and all grammar errors included:

HT. we are expecting a post from you about the Lev le'achim asifa where R'Chaim K and his brother inlaw R' yitzchak Z spoke via satelite to Lakewood, and the issue of a Chabad house having a din like a bais Avodah Zorah came up.... in front of 10,000 people. I kid you not! I was there the place was roaring from laughter of the silly state that your chasidus has become. To sum it up as one person said after the event "Chabad has become the laughing stock of yiddishkite". were all waiting to hear some HT gems on the issue.

At first I was thinking that they were taking questions from the audience from the Urim VeThumim 2.0 and he was forced to address them, meaning anybody could get up and ask any question. Oyb Azoi we can understand the question getting through. So I went to and looked for the video, and sure enough there it was! No, not the question that Yankle mentioned, but the edited version. What I did glean from video clip that was that there was no open mike. You couldn't just walk up there and shoot your mouth off. Azoy fil seychel hubben zei gehat. Basically Reb Chaim Kanievski's ex-brother in-law Zilbershtein sat there and read questions out loud to him. Questions that arose from the kiruv work of Lev L'Achim. The asifah was after all a fundraiser for LL, and I guess the attraction was the live hook-up from Rashbam Street in Bene Beraq. You also merited to see RCK walk up 3 flights of stairs to get to his apartment. We can overlook the tone that Zilbershtein used, a shrill, unpleasant voice that could awaken the dead, but some of the questions were like, "Please!" Oh, and the "Rebbe" baloney too. I'm sure he doesn't call his shvogger "Rebbe." Is that the only way you can attract serious Bnei Teyreh, by asking cutesy chapelech like that? Whatever.

So my question is on Zilbershtein here, not on RCK - at least not yet. What was the point of the question? What does it have to do with Lev L'Achim's supposed Kiruv work? Why did Zilbershtein not have the seychel to drop the question? And so on and so forth. I guess maybe one of their thousands of baalei tshuveh asked them if they're allowed to go into a Beis Chabad, and they had to ask the Urim VeThumim that question. So in answer to your question of why I had to break the achdus that we have I say this: I broke nothing, Zilbershtein did, by asking that question. I know Reb Chaim enjoys a good laugh, and laughing can be contagious, so we'll let him off the hook. Er iz doch a bosor VeDom. I'd love to see the clip, so if anybody can get his hands on it or send me a link, I'd greatly appreciate it. Until then Zilbershtein is ah shtik efes in my book, whatever that's worth. I call on the Hanholoh of Lev L'Achim to apologize to the thousands of Lubavitcher Chassdim, and the Rebbe BeRoshom. The same is true for the foursome that runs the Lakewood Academy, since they were in attendance as well.


Friendly Anonymous said...

So what is the answer? does it have a din of a beis A"Z or not? Do I have to walk to a shul that's further away now?

How many issurim de'oyrayso was Silverstone (any relation to Alicia?) oyveir by asking such a question?

Anonymous said...

Good post HT but your doing us a disservencie by not telling us the whole q and a please do and then we can handle it.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

I don't know the full question. They never posted that part of the video.

snag said...

Why should they apologize? A legitimate sheila in halocho was asked, something that is nogeia limayseh for people, due to the proliferation of Lubavitch houses in recent years.

Tovay aleihem brocho vihatzlocho!

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


Anonymous said...

my question is, is it a mitzva to burn down a chabad house. to walk in iz upgeret az is iz ossur.

beis vad liminus, look it up.


snag said...


I wear that as a badge of pride.

Is that how you greet an old friend? Haven't been here as much lately, dunno if you noticed.

snag said...

I see that someone (4:41) is using my handle here.

4:41 - use your head and don't be a provocateur who plays into Lubavitch hands (if you are not a Lubavitcher yourself).

We oppose them, but lawfully, keep control over your emotions and words.

Anonymous said...

HT, why do you engage these dolts still? כדאמרי אינשי, bagoly mondja verébnek, hogy nagyfejű.

P.S. Cheers on your most recent updates, very הערציג.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

recent updates?
send me an email please

neveler at gmail dot com

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Nem értettem egy szót írt

shmilu said...

What I want to know is who appointed you spokesman for Lubavitch .?
Why do you feel the need to answer?
I haven't yet done dd on this thing, but if you are going to talk like this on choshuve rabbonim,even if you disagree, don't expect respect in return.
You have to also ask yourself a serious question:What did Chabad do that they should be dissed so much?
Everything is bashert fin Himmel.
Maybe, "bo'ee cheshbon" al muh velamuh?
I decided to tone down rhetoric especially in the drie vochen, so don't take this as an invitation for war

Yankle said...

HT. I asked for a gem and you handed it to me on a golden platter!
I truly hope that what I'm going to say now will embarrass you. If it doesn't then unlike what I thought of you till now, you are no different then the rest of the robots you call your friends.
If you ever get to watch the unedited version, you will realize what a mistake you made by writing the bile you just wrote against RAV Zilbershtein.
You didnt see nor hear what happened, but you decided in your fantasy what happened. Based on your fantasy which NEVER happened you went ahead and burped your post bashmutzing a gadol batorah. By the way he is a sterling example of torah, midos, and chesed all in one person. (huh?.. Im not talking about your rebbe?!)
Heres what happened:
1.When the question about a reform shul came up, someone in the room, NOT RAV Zilbershtein, asked about going into a Chabad house.
2. When everyone burst out laughing including Rav Chaim, Rav Zilbersthein quickly changed the subject. (We all wanted to hear more).
3 Again, the above facts can be confirmed by anyone that was there.
By the way don't you know anyone in Lakewood so that you can do some fact checking before you falsely smear a gadol based on your assumptions.

knowing your style, of course your gonna keep the post. 'So what if its not cooouuld have haaappened!'. oh and 'after all he laughed!'

Its hard Tzig but what you should really do is: you should delete the post and put up one about how great RAV Zilbeshtein is, and how there isn't even one Chabadker on this earth that is worthy of cleaning his Yerushalmi toe nails.
Good Shabbos.

gershy said...

Vus zugsteh?
I noticed that that you many times jump before you think.Did you find out what the story was?

Isaac Balbin said...

There were Ma'asim Nifloim that I witnessed today in the Chabad House in Mumbai. That's for another time. I'm tempted to write it up. The only Avoda Zoro that I experienced was was in fact a few of us discussed the narishkeit of the so called avoda zoro of the Indian wigs and the beat up by R' Dunner and the misleading of R' Elyashiv and others, and the problem of agenda laden askanim.

We also had a snag today at the Chabad House in Mumbai. It was plastic and stopped the Vodka flowing. We removed the snag, and Shabbos was good. The British back packer fellow on my left, who was wearing a Yechi yarmulka courtesy of his visit to the (not) Beis Chabad in Delhi, was clueless about its meaning. I explained the words to him after which he turned his Yarmulka inside out thereafter!

Now there's a new trend to initiate!

Anonymous said...

yankel got the events right as i had confirmed to me today by those that were there.
i know for a fact that rck never answers those type of shaalos

Kalisz said...


re : "mondja verébnek, hogy nagyfejű"

literally translated, it means "the owl says to the sparrow that his head is too big", but it is an idiom which means "The pot calling the kettle black"

Git Voch

Yankle said...

Tzig, by keeping your stupid vomit up against R' Zibershtein ,even after the facts in your post have proven to be nothing but fantasies of your alcohol filled twisted imagination, you are proving that you are just like the rest of them...
programed bumper sticker robots whose brains have been fried the day they got they're 1st dollar. Unable to carry dialog unless it involves giving out latkes at the mall while waiving a yellow mashiach flag like the good Lube Robot they've become.
NOTHING anyone says to them enters they're ears.... just like the example of you and this post.

PS. No need to post.

Yankle said...

Yankle said: "PS. No need to post."

HA! I'm becoming a psychiatrist! I knew that by adding that PS I would get that posted!
Your like a 10 year old kid what ever you say he does the oposite!

Let me try this: Please DONT post a public apology to RAV Zilbershtein.

PS. No need to post

Anonymous said...

HT my good fella you overstepped this time. RYZ is a zeese yid, a talmid chacham and ya'adan and real oheiv yisroel and there was no reason for the very bitter and immature attack.

The jibe about 'ex-bro in law' because his wife passed on is really cheap.

Tziki kedera said...

i was told by a makurav of RYZ that many of these amazing hasgahah stories that he prints are not true...he more or less admits it in the intro to one of his many modia is writing this genre also and 2 i know are not true...rav avigdor miller used to say it's hard enough to believe what we have to believe, lets not add to it...

Anonymous said...

Remember that (largely ineffective except as a fundraiser) "Lev" le"Achim" is hasagas gvul against Chabad led Yad le'Achim which was out there saving Yidden (as Pe'eylim) back in the dark days of the maabarot. So of course some clown asked something ridiculous about Chabad at such an aseifa.

Anonymous said...

why didnt you post my comments?? are you afraid of the truth? Yankele said some of what i said and you posted his so whats the scoop here?

Anonymous said...

Zulst Do Shemen!! making up stories about R'Zilberstein. Your version is by no means what really happened.
I dont wanna hear you kvetching the next time everyone talks about how the 'engenyeer' made himself a cult in Crown Heights.

Shame on you, spreading lies.

Yisroel said...

Why would asking about Chabads status be so strange?
It's not as if a some (ex?) Lubavitchers have not started a Boreinu, rachmono litzlon, group
Is it not true that a fellow in Milwaukee has a Boreinu shul?
Has not,even,Rabbi Axelrod, a leading Meshichist in Israel, said on another well known Meshichst Lubavitcher
"I can attest that his hashkofoh regarding emunoh in the Oneness of Hashem Yisborach contains heresy and apikorsus, like that of his close friend, Mr. Shmuel F*****

Since loyal Chabad members are influenced by him and some have fallen into severe decline as a result, he is considered ‘machti es harabbim’ and is the greatest enemy of Melech Hamoshiach."

(taken from here

My opinion is that Lubavitchers, by and large mean well, and are sincere in their wish to spread Yiddishkait, unfortunately there is some baggage that needs to be discarded.
R'Hirshel, instead of turning your anger and frustration outward, you need to turn some of it to your own fellow Lubavitchers and realize that questions about entering a Chabad House are not asked in a vacuum.

N.B Since I saw that you posted on this thread on Bchadrei Chareidim, you evidently know that Rav Zilbershtein did NOT ask the question at all.So keeping your diatribe against him is wrong and would make you into a very unreliable blogger.I think you need to do the right thing by apologizing to Rav Zilbershteyn publicly on your blog .

Yisroel said...

I know that you may be blogging via a blackberry so it's a little difficult to type, but please reassure me that now that you know that Rav Zilbershteyn never asked the question and had zero,zilch to do with it that you will apologize.

Snagger said...

You KNOW the facts in your post are not true as Yisroel pointed out, and your too stuck up to get on your knees and apologize.


Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

1) Yankle: you're scum. why are you scum? because you dropped the bomb here, basically lied to us all, and then noch you insult me and demand an apology!

Yisroel and all others: I have yet to see the video, and if I wrongfully insulted RYZ I apologize, but you have only yourselves to blame.

And to bum who opened his mouth at the Rebbe: take a minyan, go to Ohel, and BEG for Mechilleh.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

I also was NOT the the one to start the discussion on HyDePark about the LL asifah and the question posed to RCK.

yisroel said...

"Yisroel and all others: I have yet to see the video, and if I wrongfully insulted RYZ I apologize, but you have only yourselves to blame. "

I"m not sure I get your drift here.
What should I be blaming myself for?
Look, you jumped before you checked out the facts.Now that you have rethought your position and facts what you should do is take down the post.
Additionally, Chabad has to start rethinking some positions to again be able to mainstream themselves.
From being around the Heimishe and Yeshivishe oylem I can tell you that hatred against Chabad is really a mostly paranoid state of mind preached in Chabad.In fact Chabad is not hated at all, even by the die hards.
Unfortunately, Chabad is sometimes viewed as strange due (mostly)to the Meshichisten and some overly partisan Lubavitch members.
The underground Tanya shiurim caused a lot of strife and may not even exist anymore.Chabad in it's outreach to the Heimishe world has been much more above board about it.
So, yes, with a bit of understanding, less partisanship, dealing with the crazies Lubavitch could become a part of mainstream Orthodoxy

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


read Yankle's comment again, and then tell me if you blame me.

Yisroel said...

I "blamed" you for jumping to conclusions .Also I said that since you posted on Bechadrei you were already aware that Rav Zilbershtayn did not ask anything.
( I'm mystified by Where did I say that you STARTED the discussion on Bechadrei? All I said that since you had posted you were aware of the real facts and should apologize.)

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

on Bechadrei I asked for the video clip. zehu.

I have yet to see any evidence.

I jumped to nothing. All I have is what Yankel did. He's the Holech Rochil. HE should apologize

Peace out.

Anonymous said...

yankel or no yankel, the bottom line is, tzig is a first class gossip monger, a hoilech rochel. too bad your leil shishi as disturbed for a false alarm, but what can you do, that what the eibishter wanted, right?

dovy said...

tzig, you are the wrong one here. why did you believe a comment from some "yankle" with no proof and then you blame it all on him? you stink! i was there. you owe ryz a big apology (b"h he is still alive and you can call him and need not get a minyan to go to his kever). first you must publicly apologize here for accusing him of something he did not do. a real mea kulpa! NOw!!!!!!!!
your friend,

Yankle said...

HT said: "Yankle: you're scum. why are you scum? because you dropped the bomb here, basically lied to us all, and then noch you insult me and demand an apology!"

If I wouldn't have known that your a lubavitcher I would have thought you were in second grade.
Rabosai, Is this unreal or what?! Here you have a guy driving the wrong way on the highway and when everyone screams to tell him his mistake hes too stuck up to admit it! Everyone else is wrong until they prove otherwise!
Yes we all know the famous Lubavitch motto, "There laughing? we laugh right back". Tzig's post against R'Zilbershtein based on obvious SHEKER, and our pointing it out to him, is an example of that profound Lubavitch mentality, which in affect (sadly) makes us laugh even more.
As I said In my original comment: "I was there, the place was roaring from laughter of the silly state that your chasidus has become. To sum it up as one person said after the event "Chabad has become the laughing stock of yiddishkite"
Is there ever a better example then right - here right now?! From one of the "NORMAL" Chabadkers Hershe Tzig?!
Here you have a guy who decided he would make up a story that happened in front of 10,000 people, he curses out a Gadol Batorah based on his lunacy, and when the guys that were THERE point out that his version never happened...let alone he wont apologize for spitting at a Gadol he wont even take down his pathetic post! Thats right...'They're laughing ? We laugh right back'.

BTW, I never lied to anyone all I asked was for a comment from you about the Chabad house/ Reform shul etc. issue coming up at the LL event. And yes, it could be I put the bait out, and you went for it BIG TIME, Hook, line, and sinker!! for which I apologize.
But in the end, I think it was all worth it. What you gave us here was a gem. A gem I never dreamed you would give us..

Ut er dus hut G'meint R' Leizer!

Anonymous said...

Hersh stop being so stubborn. your falling into the trap. your getting killed here. just delete the post and make like nothing happened.

Anonymous said...

what more can you expect from a guy who's entire religion is based on bube mayses?

Pinny Chabadnik Lipshits said...

HT said: "Yisroel and all others:
... but you have only yourselves to blame."

hmmm..who do you sound like? Hey! You sound like Arafat! He said the samething about Israel.
He probably made sense too? no?

Stop blaming everyone for your obvious Booboo.

Anonymous said...

I"m not comfortable with the ease in which you believed a bubbeh maseh.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to adress Bechoffer Shiur?

Yekkishe Bekishe said...

As you yourself admitted in a comment on Sunday, July 04, 2010 4:51:00 PM that you haven't seen the video, what right do you have to not show the proper Derech Eretz for Rav Zylbershteyn? Please cite a source - chapter & verse please - for your being Mvazeh a Talmid Chochom without any basis except for disagreeing with your agenda?

dovy said...

take it down already. everyone has alreasy lost all respect for you. including me. you little shtik efes.
your former friend,

Chaim said...

Tzig there is obviously something very wrong with you, the way you refuse to take it down even though you know its a lie.
Who are you punishing?

chaim said...

Also the way your totally ignoring everyone's points here...what a coward wus...

Anon3 said...

I can't speak for Hershel but if I were him I would first ask that those of you who have posted the Shmutz and lies that some of you have written, whether now or in the past, about the Rebbe should apologize.Then I would apologize for the alleged incriminating "sheker".

Anonymous said...

It's time to take the whole thing down.
כנלפענ''ד, הקטן שבחבורה והצעיר מאלפי ישראל , תולאת ולא איש, עשה מעט ואמר הרבה, מלוכלך בחטאים ובוש לפני המקום

Anonymous said...

Tzig, I am not a Chabad "hater", nor am I a misnagid. I think Lubavitch has done a lot of things for yiddeshkite, that does not mean that I agree with everything or even a majority of what they do. But one can not take away the good things they have done.
Having said that, regarding this post of yours, which is causing such a ruckus I would like to make a few points.

A. I was at the LL thing in Lakewood, and I can confirm that RYZ did not ask the question. (If I remeber correctly he acualy seemd uncomfortable with it). It was another Rosh Yeshiva that was in the room.

B. Many people here have pointed out what I have just said in point A, including Yankle who is your "source". Thus since you are going by his word, you yourself know the truth.

C I am actually surprised that after all these years that you have been posting issues very relevant to the "yeshiva velt" you cant find one person in Lakewood that was at the asifa that can tell you what happened. Its hard to believe.

D. Lastly what you are doing here, being so juvenile about not removing your post does not help your cause. People judge Lubavitch by the Lubavitchers they encounter, and although I personally am able to see beyond one Lubavitchers action, fact is others frequently dont. You are making yourself look foolish, and by doing that you are portraying that foolishness onto the people that you are "representing" namely Luabvitcher chasidim. Im sure most Lubavitchers would be disturbed with what you are doing.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


in my line of work, accounting, you do not delete. You make adjusting entries.


Anonymous said...

Three questions:


2)Why can we not question some of the beliefs of those who quote sichas, with sources and in original context, which have led them to beliefs, with the support of their mashpiyim which can be said to be counter to the Ani Maamins....

3) Do you doubt some people equate 'Yechi' to the 14th Ani Maamin

4) Was the Frierdiker Rebbe's contribution to non-Russian yiddishkeit (i.e. his own following) greater than the Brisker Rav, Chazon Ish and Bais Yisrael, that they may be scrutinised but not your Rebbes......

5) The view that without learning the Rebbe's torahs (sichas / ) you cannot reach the highest levels of kirvas elokim and that this belief is pushed by mashpi'im world wide.

Learning Tanya, Torah Or, Likutei Torah is good but not enough....

As a result, most yungerleit are on a much higher level than Rav elyashiv, Rav Chaim Kanievsky etc... and despite no having a Rebbe anymore, their horas and psak need not be listened to....

Anonymous said...

If the Rebbe's views were so radically different that you cannot accept the psak and views of other 'gedolim' and they are ridiculed by mashpiyim worldwide, why are you so hurt that your group lacks acceptance in the frum world ?

Chabad never affiliated with any other charedi kreis....nor did the Rebbe ever go visit any other Rav or Gadol on any issue (unless they came to 770).....why are you so hurt when you are made to feel 'chutz lamachane' by your own choosing ?

Anonymous said...

As long as the Rebbe was alive, we could rely on his horaos to the exclusion of all non-Chabad rabbanim.

The world is changing and just like the Rebbe ruled differently to previous rabbeim, we too must recognise a need for central leadership and guidance.....

Three people open Igres and get different answers to the same question....

Now that we no longer have a living Rebbe to be madrich us, would it be so bad if we moved a little closer to the Chareidi world and at least some of their shitos ?

Anonymous said...

all of you must bring a minyan to the ohel, with or without shoes, and ask mechila.

Am I the only sane one left? said...

After R' Malkiel's disturbing criticism of Hamodia for their insert on Rabbi Lander, I'm not in the mood to defend anything having to do with Lakewood.

Anon3 said...

I just don't get it.You guys who come onto this blog site and spit your filthy drivel about the Rebbe on a daily basis without batting your eyelashes.Never asking for michila.Never stopping to think (those of you who are capable of thinking)of what you're doing.You have the chutzpah to accuse Hershel of sowing discord and divisiveness?You demand of him to ask mechila? Take your blathering to some other blog site, where your type of unbridled hatred for everything that the Rebbe stood for, will be much more appreciated.

yuntee said...

All I can say about this post


Anonymous said...


Rabbi Zilberstein did not ask the question. And you will burn in hell for this post. Mark my words.

chaim said...

Tzig you ever stop and think about how hot the coals are gonna be when they put them on your eyes in gehenom for lieing about a talmid chocham for no reason other than trying to be creative.

I guess its all worth it for you.