Tuesday, November 2, 2010

עלעקשין דעי" אין קיי דזשעי"

?זי האט א טשענס פון געווינען

?דא כאפט מען אויך בילדער

"זעהסט, ס'איז א נייע "בעלעט", מ'דארף עס דא אויסשטעלן און דערנאך עס אריינלייגן אין די מאשין"

"איך געדענק נאך ווי די זיידע איז געגאנגן שטימען אין יאהרע פיר און צוואנציג"

"?אנטשולדיגט, וואס דארף מען דא טוהן"

אלע בילדער פון "איי פי" אגענטור

וזאת למודעי: דער איינציגסטער פלאץ וואו די פרעסע האט געכאפט בילדער - עכ"פ וואס איך האב געזעהן - (און איך רעד פון די וועלטישע פרעסע) פון היימישע אידן גייען שטימן איז געווען אין עואב"י קרית יואל, יע"א. מן הסתם אלץ דער וויכטיגער פארמעסט פאר'ן קאנגרעס וואס קומט דארט פאר צווישן דזשאן האל און די פרוי דר, העיווארטה. זאל קיינער זיך נישט איינרעדן אז דא וויל מען עפעס חוזק מאכן וכדומה


Anonymous said...

how many Jewish voters are in crown heights and how many are in kiryas Joel?

Yeruchem G said...

KJ = 50000
CH = 3

they're all Israelis.

har. har.

הק' שמואל גרונם said...

חוץ חוזק מאכען האסט דו נאך קאן איין זאך נישט געשריבען

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

אין אדם יודע מה שבלבו של חברו עליו

הק' שמואל גרונם said...

א' בפה וא' בלב
איך זאג מייו מיינונג

Anonymous said...

Reb Hirshel
I am taking at your word that you are serious, but it is amusing

shmuel grainom said...

i speak my mind to u hirshel

Mottel said...

I'm never impressed by frum groups that vote in blocks . . . I for one research the candidates and see what they'll do for the country - and the world - not just which benefits they'll smuggle my way.

yomtov in der vochen said...

Cute blog.
Nothing wrong.

Kiryas Joel has close to 25 k residents, with an additional number who live in what is technically Monroe or Harriman.

The town of Monroe is comprised of three villages:KJ,Harriman and Monroe.
Derech agav there is a Chabad house in Monroe

ACK said...

Nice cute light post (we need some more of these evey once in a while).

Tzig - Admit it, you might be poking some cute fun, but deep down you miss being part of this crowd.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Admit it, you might be poking some cute fun, but deep down you miss being part of this crowd.

I was never mamesh part of THAT crowd, but I hear our point anyway.

pirim in de vochen said...

After seeing these pictures....Shtim ich oich.

WanderingJew said...

The last Pic takes the cake. This is a distinct body posture which none of the body language books discuss.
Its a unique combination of a forward lean, head lowered, furrowed brows, right hand upper clasp which depicts a combination of feelings and messages that a goy will just never understand.

Nuch a mazel the booths were manned by heimishe misheluni.

Its LikeWhatever.

Leib said...

Do woman vote in KJ?

dave said...

where are the pics of the nashim tzikoniyous.

Cecil said...

There's a story told of a young boy, the son of a Porush who was sheltered - literally for eighteen years. He was locked in a room and was taught and learned Teyreh all his days and nights. His Bar Mitzvah was held in his room, with a Minyan attending. When he turned eighteen he was ready to get Semichah from the local Rov, but needed to go to the Rov's house and get tested, since it wasn't considered respectful to have the Rov come to him, even in such an extreme case. So the young man left his home for the first time and walked with his father through the town's streets. Suddenly the boy - who for some reason was not blindfolded - sees a Vaybel walking along and is, um, intrigued by the sight, since it's his first time. So the lad asks his father: "Tatte, vos is dos?" so the father answered: "ah katshke." The kid accepts the answer and continues walking. A few minutes later he tells his father: "Tatte, koyf mir a katshke." VeHaMayvin Yovin.

Anonymous said...

Lieb and dave, in the second picture you can clearly see the women voting in the backround. And Cecil the story is a classic but I'm not sure how it relates to voting

Anonymous said...

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