Saturday, November 6, 2010

די ווייטאג פון א אידישע טאטע

Note: The letter was written in response to recent discussions going on the phone line Kol Mevaser. Not that it matters, I'm just giving you a heads up so you don't me who it was that was talking about Affordable Housing and where he was talking about it. "Reb Yonah Kohn" is the presenter on Kol Mevaser who speaks about "Ekonomishe Inyunim." The letter is that of a Yiddishe tatte who's had enough of the current setup, where thousands upon thousands of Yiddishe kinder are out there with no prospects of doing anything at all later in life. They're expected to raise large families, but do not have the means to do it.

Call 212-444-1100 and Mach a Leyben.


Anonymous said...

Does that say "great-recession"?

S.B said...

Are you going to the Kinnus and if you do will you be reporting?

Fed up in Peoria said...

This cri-de-coeur could have been written by many of us. This is why I am fed up. Nisht doo mit vemen tzu redden.

IfYouTickleUs said...

The problem with this writer and with Rabbi Krausz and with Rabbi Kluger is that these are deeply conservative people who want to tinker with the system, in the first 2 cases with a nod to the left and in Kluger's case to the mad right.

Our problems are so profound that ranting and raving won't help. It is too late for a few mavericks to get us out of the mess we're in and which gets worse by the day. Nothing short of a revolution is required and there is not a single leader capable of bringing it about. Hence people taking the law into their own hands and doing ma shelibom khofets in the full sense of the word.

To the the writer of this letter I say, you want the moisdes to change the education of the boys but continue to enslave the girls because that is what you happen to agree to. There are plenty of yeshives that do what you are asking for and courage is required to send your kids there.

To Rabbi Krausz I say, you want the moisdes to take on all and sundry because you don't have the courage to say that there are some kids who do not belong in a yeshive and they should be taught the basics and be encouraged to seek some work. Nor do you have the courage to address the extreme boredom of the chadorim and yeshives which teach the kids little in limudei koidesh and nothing in limudei chol.

And to Rav Kluger it is a waste of time saying anything. You are the beneficiary of our collective insanity and you will continue to thrive so long that we go madder by the day. Your followers will be hounded out while the mechalelei shabbes, swingers et al continue to recieve their shishis and instant access to the gedoilei hador.